Thursday, October 25, 2007



tuesday, 23/10/07, went to work as usual...was msning with baby and found out he's pretty worried...worse thing is...i had a SRC meeting in the evening...which ended pretty late..*sulks*...rushed home right after tt...washed up and off i went to Baby's place...upon reaching..saw him lying sickly on his bed...he's down with high fever.. =( felt a there isnt anything tt he could eat at home...i decided to cook up some seafood porridge.. =) cuz tts the only few ingredients tt i can find at his place..wanted to go out get some stuff...but yet dont wish to leave baby at home alone...well..thank god the porridge turn out pretty nice and baby quite like it...and at this moment i took out the gifts tt i got for him..hees`...gave him the book which he had wanted for quite some time..and a couple keychain which he is using right now~ hees`.. =D glad to see baby smiling...after which..made him eat some panadol and off he went to slp while i did some revision on my own since i brought my books..exams are approaching..feeling stressed out as i totally haf no idea wats going on for this semester~

wednesday, 24/10/07, woken up by baby's hp alarm..and is feeling all well again`..thanks god! hees`...felt a relieve and happy of cuz...drove myself home..den prep and went to work again`..after work, rush home and waited for baby to come pick me up...and this time...he persuaded me to go see a doct bout my cough which had been ongoing for a few wks and is getting from bad to yea..we eventually ended up at the my medicine and went back to baby's place where i cooked up some chicken wings and heated up some food...den his mum came back with some hokkien mee..had our dinner together...ate my medicine and i knocked out right i kept was woken up a couple of times..sry baby..and eventually at bout 12+, baby send me home...

as for today..woke up feeling pretty drowsy probably from the medication..therefore took halfday to slp more bfore heading down to tt im in still feeling pretty drowsy..=( *sulks*...and worse of all..later i still gotta go to sch after work~ choice! exams are coming!! i cant lose out on anymore stuff~

tts all for now..tata~ =)

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