Friday, October 5, 2007

been a hell of a wk~

been a hell of a wk~

nothing much happened this wk.. just more stress and headaches...been popping alot of panadol extras lately til it seems it doesnt really work tt well on me anymore! sighh`..kinda worry i'll get immune to it some day! haa`.. workload is piling..and more n more probs are occuring lately.. lots of reversal and goods return lately~ sigh`.. hate it`.. so troublesome...

k..lets drop the topic bout work..headache was so bad on tuesday(2/10/07) tt i took MC..woke up pretty late and only left home to visit the clinic when i felt my MC and went to get my running shoes(like finally!~) says im simply too stressed out..and advise tt i exercise and go yea...right after i reach home...ate a donut and off i went jogging with my lil bro(who isnt so lil anymore)`..and after jogging..came a sms from Simin..therefore we decided to meet up..batha and prep and went down to her place to pick her and her son up...and we headed down to Parkway..and WenBin joined us too..walk and shopped ard and ate at MosBurger..and chatted bout our secondary sch days and stuff..we den brought javis(simin's son) to the arcade to play..WenBin left shortly after..and then we continued shopping ard where i bought myself yet another new pair of heels..haa`..went to get Eunice's bday present as her a uber nice Disney collection perfume with pictures of princesses from SASA as she likes it pretty much...Send Simin and family home and i head down to pass Eunice her present and oso some gifts for her and her family tt i got back from BeiJing.. =) and after that rushed down to baby's place ler`.. gonna rush thru my work and go home soon`..update again after my wkend... =)

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