Thursday, September 6, 2007

life without my HP is living hell~

life without my HP is living hell~ abit exageratting..but its like i felt terrible, lost from the world and isolated the whole day! this morning...rushed to work..and silly me left my hp on my bed and forgot to bring it out...and guess wat, i only realised it when i reach office which is way toooo late!

for tt moment...i really felt so...argh!~ i just didnt know wat to do..and the whole day i kept tinking bout my there any calls or sms?.. did baby sms me? yea..stuff like tt... and the worse part didnt go online today! i felt even terrible! and u can guess...i miss him a whole truckloads! and almost went berserk! eventually i couldnt resist and borrowed cynthia's hp to sms baby to inform him bout it...

went to class and i was terribly upset..cuz i kept thinking tt i wont be able to hear from baby the whole day usually by the time class end and i reach might b asleep le...but thank god...class ended early..and i rushed home as fast as i could and checked my hp and called baby!~ thankfully he's still awake~ so yea.. had a nice chat with him bfore he went to slp...

and TGIF! haa`...time flies...and tmr is gonna be friday...its wkends with baby ler~ weeee~ haa`..and counting down to 1 more wk to my bday~ hitting the 20s soon! gosh..time flies..and im ageing~ haha`..


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