Tuesday, September 18, 2007

beijing here i come~

beijing here i come~

[tuning to: dreaming of you]

yeap..its finally the 18th~ kinda excited as i'll be going to beijing with my colleagues today~ and i'm apparently one of the 2 leaders of this group tts going..would be quite interesting..haa`.. and it should b quite fun considering tt the 3 of us, cynthia, siewling and me!, will be going together and we'll be sharing the same room! haha`..tink we're all gonna come back with very thick eye bags and dark rings ler~ LOL`.. cuz we'll definately chat all night and go wild together~ haha`...hopefully got things to shop there~ cuz if there is..we'll definately shop til we drop!! keke`..

well..its gonna b a 5days trip..and i'll only be back tis coming sunday night.. gosh..i'll definately miss baby lots le!`.. and tt would mean i wont be able to meet baby on wed for swimming and oso on wkends le~ *sulks*

oh well`..tts called oppotunity cost! when u gain something..u lose something...and in tis case..i get to go overseas...and am unable to spend wkends with baby ler`...well...nvm..i'll haf many more wkends ahead of us! =) *stay positive girl~*

therefore there wont be any updates for these few days ler~ dont miss me ya! wahaha`.. =p

gonna get back to work ler~ later reach home gotta continue rushing thru my packing le~ and i cant wait to see baby later~ as he'll be getting some disc from me and i need to get my contact lens solution and hopefully some sd cards from him! so i can tk more pictures when im there! and yeap...he'll be sending me to the airport later~ =)


te falto`..te quiero`..

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