Saturday, July 7, 2007

stressup! drinks! emofied. meetup with my special ones...

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ytd..without me saying...was a stressful day at work... anyway....after work...went to Bugis...and i bumped into my darling, Sherlyn! gosh! u should have seen how happy we were to see each other! we literally ran to each other and gave each other a big tight hug! haha`...had my dinner at Siam Kitchen...after tt went to one of the Ktv Pub at Boatquay, Versus, with WenBin...upon reaching...realise...2 of the waitress there are some of my frens i know back when i ws in sec 3 or 4....and i use to b quite close to them for tt period of time...they are namely, Phoebe and ShiMei..and also..i bumped into Edison and Ian there...haa...small world eh.. =)..had a couple of drinks, played some games, sang songs...after which he send me home ler..was quite nice catching up with him as i haven seen him since we left sec sch~

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cam-whoring in the toilet after i knock off.

as for today...had quite a hard time trying to wake i slept pretty late...and had to wake up at bout 10+ to prepare to go out....only this wk..its not the usual meet up with my classmates to i skipped it for another impt meeting...
went to CompassPoint to meet Cliff's Mum and 2 Sisters, Eunice and Brenda... apparently...his mum asked brenda to ask me out..i was pretty surprised and happy bout i miss them truckloads~ haven seen them since yea..met them up...had a nice lunch with them, chit chatted and catched up...den we head to the arcade as Eunice wanted to play...spend quite some time in there...and i certainly enjoyed myself thruout... i really miss playing with Eunice....and yea..i love them lots! its some kinda special bond and feeling that i haf with them which can nv explain or found easily...=) after which Eunice and Brenda had to go for i headed home....

while in the train on my way home...many thought struck me...memories of the past came running thru my mind...whereby it came to a point tt i almost broke down in tears...which of cuz i didnt...controlled my tears and thank god my eyes were only tt point of time...i so wanna fly home asap....sighh...and upon reaching home..i just didnt feel like going out ler...guess i dont really haf the mood to step out of the house...due to the overwhelming range of emotions tt im feeling now....namely...sadness, happiness..

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k. tts all for today.


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