Saturday, June 30, 2007

shop shop shopping!~

shop shop shopping!~

friday, had been a very hectic day at many things cropped up...many customers wanna try to rush all thier delivery bfore july as the GST will increase to 7%..turn out...many orders didnt make it...and customers all call and scold and sickening..theres nth we can do bout it mah..tell me oso no use.dumb dumb....

den after work...went SHOPPING with my CYNTHIA darling!~ haha...she's now officially one of my fave shopping khaki! wahaha....we shopped like theres no tmr sia...apparently..we went to CityLink and Marina Square...i bought 2 tops, 1 shorts, 1 skirt and 1 pants from G2000 alone..and she bought 4 items as well...den shopped ard and i bought another 2 tops, 1 dress and 1 skirt!...wahaha..can die sia...after tt went for dinner at Suntec and headed out to meet her husband, bro and sis in law and their fren...den we went to a ktv pub at boatquay to chill out...=)

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Me, Cynthia & Von

as for today, went to have Katong Laksa with Stanley, Jenson and Dilwyn..after which Stanley send me over to KAP to meet my classmates to study ler... today wasnt very productive...cuz a few of them went off after 1 hr of they wanted to catch a turn out left me n Alex there for a while longer..bfore Kevin came to pick me up and surprised me with Royce White choco marshmellows! Yummy! =D thanks sweets....we den slack ard and head to AMK Hub to makan at Pepper Lunch, shop ard where i bought another pair of shoe and catch the movie 'Transformers"...its indeed a wonderful show i must say.. =)

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gosh...i've been buying too much shoes and clothes lately! i should really try to curb my cravings ler..wahah..=p anyway..i better get to slp now..or else tmr cant wake up to study my classmates again le..tata for now~ =)

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