Saturday, May 26, 2007

totally shagged out! im a Vodka promoter at the Cannery

totally shagged out!

i worked for more den 12 hrs ytd...morning went to work from 8.30 til 6+pm...den went home and got changed..den Kevin came over to pick me up for work again....and as i was rushing..i didnt really planned for dinner..and sweetie was so thoughtful and bought sushi for me! yummy!~ and he got me this really nice muffin!~ hehe`... worked for a day as a Vodka promoter at the Cannery, covering, Kandi Bar, Fashion Bar, C Clinic, Barfly and sales was terrible i must most of them prefered the Apple flavor one while i was promoting Citrus....upset... =( and guess who i bumped into at work...Clifford....sighh...i was of cuz happy to see him..tts without a it's been month since i last saw him on tt saddening day... chatted for awhile...den he left to go back to find his frens ler....sighh... i couldnt help but brk down in tears...went to the toilet to wash up abit..den went back to work feet were klling me! as i was wearing my uber high, high heels which i just bought recently! after work, Kevin came to pick me up from work to send me home ler....wanted to go for supper...but i was so tired tt i knock out and slp in his turn out we didnt go eat and he send me home...and he didnt wake me up as i was slping so soundly..til i woke up myself! gosh...turn out i reach home at about

sorry sweetie for making u worried....i just couldnt help my tears from falling...thanks for being there... =)

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
my partner for the night, Elaine.. =)
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the yummy muffin!

as for today..suppose to meet my study group to study..but im simply too tired to its so far and inconvenient for me to go i guess its gonna b a stay-home-sat for me~ haha`..

and did i mentioned tt im so very BROKE right now!! gosh...i bought 4 pairs of shoes this month!! faint..and i totally overspend....i finished my last pay and am eating into my savings again~ sighh.... =(

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