Tuesday, May 8, 2007

horrible day!

horrible day!

woke up with a bad headache..went to bath and realise my right eye is swollen.. went to office and was piled with things to do....worse of all...the orders are given to me at bout 4+pm! and im expected to rush them out and get all the signatures and get the deliveries rdy to b send out tmr! all the bosses are either out on business trip or in meetings....couldnt get their signature..turn out i couldnt get the orders completed...plus some orders had some probs...everything just went wrong...felt like shit...to make it worse...i was rushing things here n there and rolled my damn chair with the heavy me on it over my toe! it felt like as if my whole toe broke off or something..i would haf to say tt its freaking pain!! though after checking it..it didnt bleed..but im kinda worried there might be internal bleeding..cuz when i walk...do feel a little pain...

after work was suppose to meet vincent..but im just too tired..plus did OT again..so after work i went straight home...thought i could haf a peace of mind and finally have a rest at all home since i didnt haf sufficient rest for the past few wks...but guess wat...i came home feeling more pissed than ever.. apparently..my daddy threw all the clothes tt needs to b washed into a pail and soaked it there...and he didnt bother to picked out those brightly coloured and white clothes and seperate them....end result....he spoilt 2 of my new fave tops! of which 1 i wore only once! and i really loved tt top and its not cheap mind u! and the other i just bought ytd...and haven even wore it bfore!! arghhh!!!

feeling like SHIT now man...how worse can my day get! sighh...

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