Saturday, May 5, 2007

awaken by my dumb dumb alarm...haha..ok..its not dumb since im the one who set it to ring..haha..anyway...woke up and simply rotted in bed for sometime...den called Sebas to cfm the meet up again... initial plan, i was suppose to go over to bugis to meet him..but as i was kinda late plus he wanted me to help him burn a disc and check the movie timings...he changed the plan and came over to my place to pick me after meeting him, we went over to Cine to catch, "The Hills Have Eyes 2"...wat i can say is....the show is SICK! gross gross and very very gross...hang the legs and hands up like chunks of meat sold in the market....okok...lets nt talk bout it..the whole scene is creeping me out...i can feel my goosebumps coming...well..if u're someone sadistic...guess it'll be a good show for u...or else its not advised for those who is planning for a buffet after the show..haha`..

after the show, went to bedok 85 to have our dinner...right after dinner, he send me home ler...cuz he's a having a terrible headache and had promised his sis to fixed up her comp.. =)

anyway...Happy Birthday to Yong Jie! =)

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