Thursday, October 12, 2017

Travelogue; Hokkaido Japan ; Day 1

Been wanting to go to Japan for the longest of time! After much delay, I finally booked my tickets to Hokkaido Japan. As Japan has a lot of beautiful places to explore and we only had that much time due to insufficient Annual Leave, thus we decided to fully dedicate our 7 days trip to Hokkaido only. Shall plan another trip (hopefully soon!) to Tokyo, Osaka and other parts of Japan next time!

Our trip lasted from 1st til 8th of May 2017 which falls during the season of Spring where the country is ablaze with beautiful white and pink cherry blossom! I'm sure you can imagine how excited I was to fly there! Its 1 of the best time of the year to go to Japan!

So we flew off on the night of 1st of May from Singapore Changi Airport and did a transit at Bangkok before finally flying to Sapporo Chitose Airport.

 Passports checked!

 Boarded the plane waiting for it to take off!

 A must have everytime we are at Bangkok even if we were just there for a short transit! Its none other than my favourite Mango Sticky Rice!

Upon arrival on the 2nd of May 2017, first thing we saw when we headed out was this cute Doraemon! We just had to stop to take a photo with it to mark our safe arrival!

After which without wasting much time, we started shopping at the airport itself and had our lunch at the Doraemon Cafe.

I'm a collector of these copper pressed penny /  coins souvenirs and so I just had to get it! Its so cute! Pikachu! I Choose You!

 My first bag of shopping loots in Japan! I truly love Hello Kitty! And Japan happens to be a land of Hello Kitty! They are everywhere! Making me a really happy girl here! Hehe! I wish I can buy everything and bring it all home! But its honestly quite pricey, and my other half kept complaining nonstop so I had to control myself from buying too much in case I couldnt carry them home! =p

Tried out the Doraemon toy catchers! And we didnt leave empty handed!

And how can I miss getting this! Hello Kitty Happy Flight Copper Pressed Penny / Coin! Much Love! These are too cute~

Snapped some photos with the cute backdrops~

Our Lunch at the Doraemon Cafe! The food are all so cute! Taste not bad too! =)

After lunch, we took the JR to Hakodate and checked into Hotel Route Inn Grantia Hakodate Ekimae. Washed up and prepared and took a bus out to Mount Hakodate for the spendid night view!

 Manage to get a glimpse of the beautiful sunset when we were heading out from the Hotel! Truly mesmerizing~ <3 p="">
 Checking the route to get to Mount Hakodate~
 Manage to successfully board the bus~

 Isnt it beautiful~ This photo didnt give it enough justice though~ The view in reality is so much more awesome than this! But I must say we were pretty under-dressed for the cold weather! Despite bringing alot hand warmers, it was still way too cold to be standing out here for long~ So we ended up going indoors to do some shopping as well as to enjoy the super yummy icecream!
No joke! This is the best ice cream I ever had! And definitely the best we had throughout our entire trip despite eating so many icecreams~ The cream is just sooooo fragrant and rich, paired with the super yummy biscuit cone that was really good too!

Finally we ended our day with dinner at Lucky Pierrot before heading back to Hotel to rest.

To be continued ...... Stay tuned for the next post for the rest of the trip! Will update here with the direct link soon!

Meanwhie, as there is way toooo many photos, I will only be uploading some of it here. For the full album of photos, they can be found on my Facebook Album Here!

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