Thursday, November 10, 2016

Happy Blessed Birthday Melmel!

Happy Blessed Birthday My Dear Melmel!! ♡ Hope you are having an awesome time with your love in HongKong!! May all your wishes come true and happiness be with you always!~ *Hugs!*

On Monday, our Team Valor headed out for dinner after work to celebrate Mel's Birthday in advanced! Went to Goro Goro Steamboat & Korean Buffet located at Orchard Gateway @ Emerald.
Chose 3 soup base, namely Collagen, Mala & Bak Kut Teh. Must say that the Mala is just so-so. The best one would be the Collagen soup! The food selection was not bad although the Tteokbokki was not up to my expectations. Kimchi was good and the shabu shabu is good too! We had alot of Enokitake, all our soup were filled with it, which was awesome since all of us love it!

On top of that the service is pretty good and they even provided table to table phototaking with props! Just nice for us to take an awesome group photo together! =)

Dinner was awesome, as usual keep laughing til all of us were full from the laughters. Alot of ranting throughout the night as well! Despite it being a Monday and everyone was having Monday blues, glad we have this dinner to perk up our day! Fantastic team of people indeed! =)

Earlier in the day in office we had an advanced Birthday celebration for her as well!

Anyway Happy Birthday again to my dear girl Melmel~ ♡

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