Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I am coming back!

Its been awhile since I last blogged a proper blogpost. Not about any advertorials, or reviews, or food recipes. Just plain blogging about my personal life.

I started out blogging many years back, probably 10 years ago or more, just blogging about my life, my thoughts and random other rantings. It was a platform that I would always go to, to jot down bits and pieces of my life so that when I grow older I can read them up and reminisce about my silly younger days and probably have a good laugh or a good cry. It was a place filled with alot of my memories that my brain can no longer contain as there is just so much going on everyday, and we will all tend to forget certain important milestones or precious memories that will make us feel like we have led a fulfilling life. It was also a platform I used to rant when I'm feeling really upset, angry or depress, and it never fails to make me feel better after blogging.

I have been so busy recently to document anything in here. Feels like my 1 to 2 years worth of memories that I didnt have the time to blog about have been erased or locked up somewhere in my head. Thank God at least there is still Facebook which I use to document photos as my only other source of memories. But I do hope moving forward I will at least make some time to continue blogging not just for advertorials or reviews or food recipes, but to share with all of your about some of my life events as well. =)

Truly appreciate all my loyal readers who still tend to ask me why I havent been blogging recently, and also some of you who are still visiting my blog now and tend despite my lack of post and updates. Thank You All Very Much for the Unwavering Support! -xoxo-

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