Friday, October 21, 2016

Halloween Horror Night 6 at Universal Studio Singapore (USS)

Scare Die Me!

Told myself 4 years ago after I went for the Halloween Horror Night 2 event that I am never gonna attend such events ever again, but somehow this year I decided to go for it again when my neighbours asked me along. Thought I may be braver now, but right after the 1st haunted house and scare zone, I immediately regret going! Plus this year, I even paid more to get the express passes to scare myself faster. -.-"

As much as I hate the queue, I honestly thought for that moment that I need a breather to calm my nerves before heading into the next haunted house and scare zone! Really scare die me sia! I was soooooo scare I honestly think i wasted money paying so much to torturing and scaring myself! Plus I ended up not seeing much since half the time my eyes was closed or my stuck my head on my hub's back and walk right through! Or I only peeped through my hair which I used to cover my face, or watch the ground to make sure I dont trip! Hahaha!!

But I did see some, and I must say that some or most of their make up and costumes are really realistic and well done! Scared the shit out of me!

Some of the staff were nice enough to see that I am really very scare so they didnt try to scare me further. Some intentionally came over to scare me further, while some simply try to be funny, and whispered to me ear "Boo!".

Well I would say my friends did enjoy the event, I enjoyed the photo taking portions as well as some of the shows and definitely the rides as always! Dont think I will spend money to scare myself again for such events. But you never know. I may just forget about this and end up going again a couple of years later! Haha! =p

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