Saturday, October 29, 2016

Crazy Fun KTV Night!

Its been a super duper hectic week at work! Back to back meetings and interviews, tight datelines to meet, and adhoc stuff to handle~ 天啊~ Tired die me~ Headache max~ Shagged out! Cant wait for this 2 weeks of forecast and budgetting to end~

Thank goodness I have very supportive and awesome colleagues at work and really glad I can call them my friends and buddies! Really blessed that this group of us share a close and strong bond and are there for each other in good times and bad times making sure neither of us collapses as there is always someone to reach out to help and support each other!

Such colleagues turn friends are not very common and thus I'm cherishing this friendship alot!

Anyway we have had a couple of other gatherings and dinner outings prior to this KTV session~ Will back-post them real soon!

As I had to attend to some family matters, I took leave yesterday and met them at night after their work at Marina Square! Went for a yummy and fulfiling dinner at Emporium Shokuhin. Had a nice hot bowl of Ramen since the weather is cold and we needed to calm our nerves after the hectic week! Dinner was filled with laughters as always and the whole restaurant was probably filled with out voices and laughters which I do apologize to the other patrons there for disturbing their supposedly peaceful dinner. But we simply couldnt contain ourselves! Haha~

After dinner, we headed straight up to Manekineko for our long awaited KTV sessions to sing our lungs out! Again it was filled with soooo much laughters that my jaw locked for a while and was hurting like hell but I was still laughing and singing despite the pain! Took many photos, some videos, and sang nonstop til 3am before we decided to call it a night and head home to have our much need sleep to recharge for the weekend!

All dressed to theme! Denim & Sports Shoes! Very enthusiastic bunch!

This photo sums up the fun we had tonight! Night of good food to reward and pamper ourselves after a hectic week and crazy singing our lungs out til 3am!

Still smiling and energetic at 3+am!!

All of us in sport shoes for the day! United we stand!

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