Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Cocoa the Chihuahua!

I have a new addition to my family! Its been almost a year since I first brought her home. Yes its a little late to be blogging about this only now. But well as the saying always goes, better late than never!

I have never really ever fancied the Chihuahua breed as I always have the impression that they are very barkish, proud, bad tempered and spoilt. But my impression of them changed ever since Cocoa came into my life.

I was studying for an examination for my CEI certification at Starbucks alone one day in October on the 19th, last year. Then came a distress message with a video from my primary school bestie. Photos and videos of the poor little thing shivering and curled up into a ball lying on a blanket was what greeted me. She had found her loitering her corridor and scratching at random neighbour's door. Not knowing what to do since she is a Muslim, not able to keep her or bring her into the house since she has 2 really cute but fierce cats at home which might hurt the timid little one we now name Cocoa.

I immediately kept my books and notes, grab my drink and went back home to grab Muffin's collar, leash, some treats and bag, and rush off to my friend's place.

Upon reaching I spotted this dark colored fur ball lying on a towel and shivering nonstop. She was really scared. I was scared as well since I didnt know if she would bite or snap at me. Well other than Muffin, or rather before I gotten Muffin, I was honestly VERY scare of every other dogs. I almost fell out a window from my friend's place on the 13 floor trying to run and escape from her dog, a Chihuahua several years back. So you can imagine how scare I am. But yet on the other hand, thankfully after I gotten Muffin, I am not as scare as I was, and I can better understand and able to handle them much better as well. But since I did not know her temperament, I started out just talking to her, testing out if she will snap when I push a water bowl to her, and putting some treats in front of her. She was just sniffing away and then back into her curled position and looking at us really scare. She did not snap at all nor attempt to snap. We then tried using the leash to touch her and she was just shivering away but did not show any signs of aggression. Slowly we tried to touch her, and sayang her. Took us a while before we finally put on the collar for her and thankfully she happily followed us as we pulled the leash to bring her to walk. Walked her to my car and manage to carry her into the bag and brought her home safely.

Upon reaching home, introduced her to Muffin. I am so very glad, Muffin was just curious and sniff her. She was scare but did not snap at him. just simply running around to escape from the curious Muffin. I then immediately bathed her as she looks a little dirty. Bathing her was a breeze, she was really calm. After bathing decided to let the 2 mingle around to get to know each other since they would have to live together for at least a few days before we find its owner.

Days when by, I checked everywhere online, in Facebook or the pet forum, But did not see any signs of any owner looking for her. My friend helped to locate the owner at her neighbourhood as well. But no signs of anyone looking for her. After a few days, over the weekend after my exams were over, I decided to bring her to the vet for a check to see if she is healthy and fine. Vet checked and says she is probably about 4 to 5 years old, likely sterilized and other than some rashes on her body, which the vet prescribes some medication for, she is very much healthy. Also for safety sake since we have Muffin at home as well, we decided to have her vaccinated and dewormed just to be sure she does not spread any unwanted virus to Muffin.

Days went by, she felt more safe around us. Became really sweet and would cuddle up with me, and slowly she started responding to her new name, Cocoa.

About 2-3 weeks after, my friend manage to locate the owner. Sadly as we suspected, the owner did not look for her despite saying that she ran away from home. The owner was an old man, who had 2 dogs, 1 of which was Cocoa whom we found. My friend then went on to share that he would be violent to the dogs and hit them hard, which is probably why Cocoa is so timid and very scare initially whenever I raise my hands to comb my hair to to take anything at all.

I'm so glad I found her and am able to give her a loving, safe and warm place she can now call home, with a new brother Muffin and us as her new family. :)

She is now very much a pampered little princess at home. Starting to bark whenever someone comes home, but really very excited and jumpy and would wag her tail nonstop to show her happiness and excitement. Very happy to have this new addition to the family =)

2 weeks from now we will be celebrating her 1 year with us which we decided is her birthday. A birth of a new life with a new family! =)

I shall not bore this blogpost with more words, below are some photos of her to share with you guys, taken over this 1 year! :)

P.s We recently realize she looks very much like Eevee from Pokemon! Haha!

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