Saturday, October 8, 2016

Belated Farewell Dinner and Birthday KTV

Not exactly a farewell but rather an appreciation dinner for 1 of our temp staff that has become our friend and team member =)

Thanks for the help with our work as well as making life at work more fun! Thanks for accompanying me to run around the parks during the crazy pokemon craze period and for all the other fun and enjoyable time to make my life at work less stressful! Appreciate the listening ear to hear my ranting when I am stressed out, and for all the support rendered in one way or another.

Anyway yesterday after work we had dinner at Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant located at Orchard Central. My second time to this place, I must say I really love the snow crab and without fail I ate alot of Sashimi as I always do for every other international buffets. Didnt really eat alot, nor tried many stuff since my appetite wasnt fantastic that day. But overall I would say food is good. :)

After dinner, 3 of us decided to continue the night with KTV session at Teo Heng located at Rendevouz Hotel to celebrate Winnie's Bday! Our first KTV session! Ended the night at 2+am. All of us were totally drained by this time! But certainly had a lot of fun! More KTV sessions to come since we found out that the whole group of us except 1 loves singing~

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