Wednesday, September 7, 2016

YUNOMORI Onsen and Spa

I recently went to the YUNOMORI Onsen and Spa located at Kallang Wave Mall, and thought it would be nice to share my experience with all of you since alot of my friends are also asking me about it ever since I posted up photos of the place in my facebook!

Reception Area 

Shoe Locker Area  

 Sitting Area at the Reception

Main Door

Cute Signages

I must say that I really like the place! The whole atmosphere is relaxing and the place is well maintained and clean! (I could only take photos of the reception and cafe area as photography, phones and camera are not allowed in the Onsen area). The staff are all very friendly and nice, and very welcoming which makes the whole experience even more pleasant!

I've been there twice so far and will definitely be visiting again real soon! My girlfriend and I love the Onsen as well as the massage! She tried the Aromatic Oil Massage while I tried the Thai  Massage. The experience is awesome and the masseur are pretty good as well! Only 1 down side was there here room was near the cafe thus making it a little noisy and not exactly very relaxing, Thankfully I gotten a room further in thus my experience was much better and more relaxing.

The Onsen has 5 different pool for the ladies, and according to my husband, there are 6 different pools for the men, Each onsen has its different minerals and benefits, from muscle relaxation in the cold pool, to smooth silk bath and jacuzzi.

I must say that the Onsen alot was really beneficial for me as after my 2 hours dip in all the various pools, my skin does feel smoother, more moisturize and my muscle aches were gone! Its really amazing! Best part is that I get to really concentrate on relaxing and having a good quality chat with my girlfriends with no handphones on hand or any other distractions.

Now, the next question most people have asked me. "Everyone must be naked in the onsen?" My answer, By right YES! Its more shiok la! But being in Singapore, a more conservative country, YUNOMORI is nice enough to provide black disposable panties and tube tops for the shy ladies to wear into the Onsen. Therefore is it optional for you whether you want to wear it or not. As for the guys according to my hubby, there are no disposable underwear for you, so all the guys are totally naked in the Onsen. Not like there is much to see anyway since the onsen is already separated by gender and therefore the ladies would have the same organs as each other and the guys would see the same thing on themselves too! (Probably only size difference which may make some people uncomfortable or envious but that is about it la!)

Walk way to the cafe, resting area, and massage area!

Cafe Counter

Cafe Area

 My first visit with my dear Da Jie~

 2nd Visit with Hubs and my 2 dear sisters~

Aside from the massage and onsen, they have a cafe inside which serves pretty good food, and a resting area for people to relax and take a nap!

Its a truly nice place, and I'm so glad YUNOMORI brought the Onsen here to Singapore since most of us dont travel overseas every other week or month to get to enjoy the Onsen in other countries such as Japan, Korea, etc.

I dont get paid to write this post, and this is not sponsored. Im a paying customer myself! Just like to share and recommend this place to all of you, whether its for relaxations, self-pampering, muscle ache relieve or even a nice quality time with your good friends! =)

To find out more about their packages, prices and the benefits of the onsen, check out their website! If you want to go for massages, I would recommend you book an appointment early in advance as they are always fully booked! As for Onsen, no appointment required, and you may walk in anytime! =)

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