Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Yummy Marmite Recipe!

Marmite Yeast Extract is 100% vegetarian and contains Vitamin B. It is a delicious and nutritious meal enhancer. Try it on your toast, mix it with porridge, drink it as a soup or cook your favorite Marmite Chicken! It is made in the UK, Halal, has NO added preservatives and NO added color! It is rich is Vitamin B and Folic Acid! I would say that it is an antidote to bland food!

Marmite has heritage as strong as its taste. Despite reaching world-wide fame,Marmite has never forgotten its humble beginning as the useless leftover of the brewing industry. It was first made edible and sold to the British public over 100 years ago. Full of B vitamins, the brand established itself as a healthy spread for children through promotion in traditional "village hall" clinics. The Guardian calls it "pretty much the Holy Grail of foodstuffs" because of all the vitamins its packed with.

Delicious when mixed with porridge or dissolved in hot water as a soup. Also try on toast in sandwiches or use it as a flavouring for your favourite dishes.

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Cooked this Honey Marmite Pork Loin dish to eat with some porridge, omelette and stirfry frenchbeans with mushrooms and fishballs for myself and my hubby who are sick. As porridge is bland, it goes really well with the Marmite sauce as well as the Honey Marmite Pork Loins that I had cooked! This is the first time my hubby tasted Marmite, and he loves this dish! Pretty happy that it turn out really well and the taste of Marmite just never goes wrong~

Marmite is my childhood food and my comfort food! Mum use to put some Marmite in my porridge to make me eat when I am not feeling well~ Now that I dont stay with my parents anymore and dont get to eat mum's cooking since she hardly cooks now, but when I cook this dish with Marmite and ate it with porridge it totally makes me feel warm and reminds me of my mum's cooking and warm love! =)


500g Pork Tender Loin
1tbsp White Sesame Seeds

Seasoning (Marinate):
1tsp Marmite Sauce
1/2tbsp Honey
1tbsp Dark Soy Sauce

1/4cup Vegetable Oil(for frying)
1tsp Marmite Sauce
1tbsp Honey
1/4tsp Salt
1/2tbsp Dark Soy Sauce
1/2tsp Corn Flour
1/4cup Water

1) Cut pork about 2cm thick and marinate with Marmite, honey and dark soy sauce. Keep in chiller for 1/2hour.
2) Mix all the gravy ingredients and set aside
3) Heat up pan or wok. Add oil and fry the marinated pork til cooked and add the gravy mixture and stir til thicken.
4) Serve Hot and Enjoy!

Retail price of the 3 different sized bottles:
115g bottle - $3.69
230g bottle - $6.47
470g bottle - $12.33

Available at all supermarkets

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