Saturday, September 19, 2015

♡ My Blessed 18 (+10) Birthday!

Feeling blessed this year with a wonderful birthday to remember! Thanks for all the well wishes~ thanks for all of you who put in effort to make this day so special for me!

First of all, I would like to Thank these special people in my life!
  • Thanks to my Dearest Hubby for everything from the lovely pressies, my favourite cake, cute hello kitty balloon, surprises and all the time and effort just to make me a happy girl~ I Love You so much!! 
  • Thanks Daniel, Shirly & Charlie for the fun we had, the effort to help Philip with the surprise and the birthday treat to USS! Truly appreciate! Love all of you! ♡ 
  • Thanks to my Dearest non blood Sisters, Rain 大姐, Jenny 二姐, Chloe 三姐 who never fails to remember my birthday and tries to surprise each other with a simple celebration every year! Appreciate the love, care, effort and sweet thoughts! Love all of you very very much!! ♡♡♡
  • Thanks to my Parents & Bro for taking time out to have a nice simple dinner with me! ♡
  • Thanks to my Parents-in-law for the Birthday Ang Bao! ♡

One whole week of celebration one after another, from simple meals with family & friends, simple gathering turned surprise celebration, surprise birthday outing treat to Universal Studio Singapore (USS), and surprise birthday cake with surprise balloons and birthday gift!

As there are many photos and events to this post, I will not be posting in chronological order! (No biasness, just randomness for easy posting sake)

Lets start with the Birthday Outing Treat to Universal Studio Singapore (USS) on Sunday, 1 day before my birthday, for both myself and Hubby from Daniel, Shirly & Charlie!

 First photo to start the day! Met up at our place for early breakfast before we move off to Sentosa!

 In the car on the way~

 Upon arrival! A mandatory group photo with the huge globe at the entrance of Universal Studio Singapore!

 Our Entry Tickets!

   First Group Photo upon entering USS! With the Minions!! =)

Us with the Giant Minion!




Camwhoring while in queue for our first ride, the Transformers! Probably the only ride we took that allowed us to bring on our bags and belongings!




 Far Far Away~ SHREK 4-D Adventure!


 Random Snap Snaps~

 Battlestar Galactica Roller Coaster Ride! Human VS Cylon!! My favourite ride at USS!


 Revenge of the Mummy!

 Jurassic Park & The Lost World!


 Resting our feets and having some light bites and drinks and enjoying the aircon at Mel's Drive In!






More Random Snap Snaps!!~

And we left Universal Studio Singapore and headed back to Vivocity! I was having a bad bad headache probably due to the hot weather and lack of sleep! And so Daniel & Charlie went to get some Panadols for me! Or so I thought! Wondering why they took so long, I asked hubby about it, and he said that he's gonna go look for them. Meanwhile I was just chatting away with Shirly, and suddenly the 3 guys popped up from behind me with my favourite Coco Exotic Cake from Four Leaves and a cute Hello Kitty Birthday Balloon and they all starting singing Happy Birthday to Me!!! I was totally caught by SURPRISE as I was not expecting it, on top of that my mind was not very alert at that point due to the headache and thus all these didnt cross my mind at all! My headache almost immediately felt so much better! I was really very happy!! =)





 Thanks all of you!! ♡

After the surprise, we headed to Bugis to have our dinner at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng (旺角茶餐厅) as they have a Birthday Special! They are giving a complimentary GIANT size Ice Milk Tea if you celebrate your birthday with them, 3 days before or after your birthday!


  With our GIANT size Ice Milk Tea! Yums!!

 Borsh Soup. Really tasty! :)

 Me & Hubs All time Favourite Must Have French Toast! Uber Yummy!

Cheese Baked Rice w/ Pork Chop in Portuguese Sauce! Hub's fave!

Curry Fish Balls!

 Baked Rice in some special sauce that tasted like Japanese Mentai! Cant remember the exact name of this dish though~

 Spagetti! I cant remember exact name of this dish though~

Cheese Baked Rice w/ Chicken Chop in Portuguese Sauce!

After eating, we went to the arcade before we end our day, and here's our catch from our better half! =)

On my Actual Birthday which falls on a Monday, had Korean Grill BBQ Buffet at 2D1N Soju Bang (Ssikkek) located at Oriental Plaza with my beloved parents and little bro! Dinner was awesome with lots of catching us and bonding! Food is great as always! Thanks Daddy for the birthday dinner treat! =)

Mandatory Family Photo! =)

2 days before my birthday on a Saturday, we headed to Ah Dong Teh House 阿东茶餐厅 located at Tebing Lane (Punggol) for our lunch cum dinner, and realize there is a Birthday Special there too! If you visit there 3 days before or after your birthday, there will be a complimentary GIANT size DIY Ice Kacang!! Haha!

This is so fun to eat as we were just having fun pouring the syrup around the ice, decorating it as well as giving it the flavours that we prefer on the side that we are eating! 4 of us (Daniel, Charlie, Hubs & Me) were sharing it and we didnt manage to finish this Giant! I wouldnt say it is extremely nice to eat, taste just like normal Ice Kacang, just more fun as we can DIY the colors and flavours and its much more gigantic than the usual ones!

Birthday blessings in a red packet! Thanks to my dear parents-in-law!

4 days after my birthday, on a Friday, we (Hubs, Rain姐, Chloe 姐 and myself) went over to Jenny姐 place supposedly to visit her and Baby Katherine. It was suppose to be Baby Katherine 1 month celebration but as she was not feeling too well it had been postponed but we went to visit them anyway. Ordered pizza hut delivery for dinner and had a simple catch up session with my girls! Right after dinner, while I was chatting away, the lights suddenly went out and 2 of the girls pop out from the kitchen with a birthday cake and they sang a birthday song for me! =) Thanks 姐s!! Truly appreciate it!


 A photo with Baby Katherine! This sweet little cutie angel was looking at me! =)

3 days before my birthday, we went to Nihon Mura Express at Rivervale Mall for dinner with Charlie, Shirly, Daniel, Hubs and myself! They too have a Birthday Special! Each plate of sushi was suppose to be priced at $1.60 each. On the week of your birthday, its $1 per plate for the age of the birthday person! (For example I'm 28 this year, thus I will be entitled to 28 plated at $1 each!!)
No photos for this as we were too hungry eating we totally forgotten!

And not forgetting my SURPRISE birthday present from Hubby which came really really early! 10 days before my birthday to be exact!

Its a Tory Burch Large Tote Bag!! Weeeeeeeeee~ Thanks Hubby!! Love It! Appreciate the little thoughts, efforts to surprise me as always and for the lovely gift! It may not seem much to others, but I know you're doing your best to give me the best you can with whatever you have just to make me happy and that's more precious than anything else! I Love You Lots Dearest Hubs!

There is soooo many birthday specials everywhere!~ So do look out for them! This year we get to enjoy 3 birthday specials on my birthday! Looking forward to enjoying more of these for upcoming birthdays!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee~ =)

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