Thursday, May 7, 2015

Save The Date! ❤

Counting down 9 more days to 16th May 2015, our BIG DAY! ❤

Time flies indeed!! It feels like I still have a lot of preparations not done yet! I had plans. MANY plans. 1 year back I made a checklist and a list of things to do and its timeline. But.... in life, thing just don't always go as planned.

We had 1 year of time to prepare, or so we thought. We (or rather just him, since I am the 'kanjiong' type. hate last min rush! I personally like to plan and get things done early so no need worry, rush and have time to check and ensure everything is as planned) felt that we still have a lot of time left, and so we drag and drag and drag til 2 months back that we finally felt the sense of urgency to quickly get things done!! And so, in the end we did a lot of last minutes preparations, last minute booking of car rental, videographer, instant photo printing services, preparing of our video montages, some DIY stuff, last minute meetings with our sisters brothers and helps on the preparations and even the distribution of our invitation card seems so last minute. I even commented to my hubby that it felt like we are in a "shotgun" marriage and had to rush through preparation as we have only a short time to prepare to our wedding. Well it really felt and seems so, although in fact we did have 1 year of time to prepare. Haha!

And so after much procrastination, we manage to complete most of the stuff that needed to be done within the last 2 months or less. Now kinda just some minor stuff that needs to be done and we are all set for our BIG DAY!

Feels like a dream, just like how I felt 240days ago on the 9th of September 2014 when we had our Solemnization Ceremony. Seems so surreal. But the happy sort. =)

I'm happy I'm finally off the shelf! Finally found my other half! Finally found someone who could tolerate my temper and love me for who I am ❤

Right now, just counting down and looking forward to this exciting big day of our lives! =)

P.S To all my invited guest, hope all of you have already received my invitation card! If if have not received your invites, please notify me ASAP! See you all then! ❤


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