Sunday, May 24, 2015

Our Journey, Our Story ; Philip & Jasmine

For those of you who had missed our first video montage before our first march in due to late arrival or were unable to attend, here is the video for your viewing! =)

(P.S The song used is different from the Actual Day video though)

This video showcases our lives before we met when we were just kids, to our school days to working life, with the people important to us other than each other, our friends, and til the date we met, our dating life, the proposal as well as our solemnization ceremony =)

Hope you all enjoy and like it! :)

Check Out My Other Post For My Journey Of Our Wedding Preparations!
(Links Below)

Journey of Our Wedding Preparations Part 1
- Choosing the Dates
- Preparing the Guestlist
- Choosing Our SolemnizationVenue
- Choosing Wedding Banquet Venue
- Choosing Bridal Studio

Journey of Our Wedding Preparation Part 2
- Choosing my Wedding Gown and his Suit

Journey of Our Wedding Preparation Part 3
- Wedding Photoshoot Location
- Props for photoshoot & DIY decor / props
- Solemnizer & ROM filing notice of marriage

Journey of Our Wedding Preparation Part 4
- Choosing Your Wedding Band

Journey of Our Wedding Preparation Part 5
- The Wedding Banquet Agreement (Cost payment, Red packet collection fund)
- Invitation Cards
- Confirmation of Guest
- Looking for a Actual Day Videographer
- Rental of Bridal Car
- Hiring / DIY Instant Phoot Booth/Roving (Optional)

Wedding Banquet & Solemnization Venue Finalized

Actual Day Morning Express Highlight Video

Our Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Photos

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