Monday, May 11, 2015

Hair Care Product Review: Essential - Your Perfect Solution to Combination Hair

Can’t decide if your hair is oily or dry? Maybe it is a bit of both – oily roots and dry ends. Just like facial skin having oily and dry zones is known as ‘Combination Skin’, hair that exhibits such mixed behavior is known as ‘Combination Hair’. Which problem do you target when you have two completely diferent types of hair on your head? You end up compromising with only one hair issue at a time. What if I use two diferent shampoos? Light, clarifying shampoos and conditioners targeted at oily roots cause hair ends to be drier than it already is. Conversely, nourishing shampoos and conditioners for dry hair may be too rich for the scalp, resulting in excessive build-up at the roots, giving you that uncomfortable, oily feeling by mid-day. 

Moreover, depending on the thoroughness of the scalp massage during shampooing, such build-up may not be thoroughly washed of, further causing the scalp to feel oily in a shorter time. Sebum Cleansing Technology – Combination Hair Woes Be Gone! The new improved Essential range brings the best of both worlds to you! With the optimum combination of Smart Cuticle Care & Sebum Cleansing Technology in the Light Finish Volumizing and Deep Cleansing Care variants, you can now 1 achieve moisturised hair ends while maintaining a refreshed, breathable scalp! For a limited time only, Essential is also giving out a massage shampoo brush with purchase of shampoo and conditioner. A massage shampoo brush is a common haircare tool in Japan and is used by the majority of Japanese women to help remove dirt and sebum more efectively from the scalp. The massaging action on the scalp also helps improve blood circulation and promote relaxation. Now you can have a scalp massage without going to the salon!

I had previously blogged about this new range of shampoo before (Click Here to Read Up My Full Review about this range of Shampoo and Conditioner), and I will still say that I really like it alot! As mentioned, my hair is less oily now yet does not feel too dry after washing. My friends all like to touch my hair and comment on how smooth my hair is even after dyeing my hair! On top of that, I am so glad that they now have the additional massage shampoo brush to use while I am shampooing my hair! 

I have long nail and have some 3d gelish nail art now which gets a little entangled with my hair when I shampoo, so with this brush it makes it sooo much more convenient for me and gives my scalp a good massage at the same time! Awesome isnt it?!

For those who have the habit of painting their nails, using the brush to wash your hair helps prolong your manicure as you do not need to use your fingers to massage your scalp.

The brush is not sharp nor painful unlike some hair brush. This brush is soft and comfortable when you brush it through your scalp!

Get your FREE SAMPLES of Deep Cleansing Care shampoo & conditioner at or head down to any leading supermarkets or personal care stores to BUY THEM NOW!

RETAIL PRICE: Essential Shampoo 750ml + Conditioner 750ml with free Massage Shampoo Brush in hot pink or mint green available from mid-May 2015 at all leading supermarkets and personal care stores NOW! ($19.60)

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