Monday, April 27, 2015

Skincare Product Review: Benzac AC Gel 5%


If you have been following my blog, you would know that I am getting married (ok I am already legally married, just not done with the customary and wedding banquet) in less than 1 month time! For the past few weeks, due to alot of stress at work as well as with my wedding preparations, I am having bad acne and pimple outbreak! Its so bad I dont really take photos or go out recently!

THANK GOD, Sample Store came to my rescue again when they selected me to try out a new product, the NEW! BENZAC Daily Facial Care Range which is targeted at preventing and solving your acne problems!!

I immediately agreed to try the product as I am finding all ways to get rid of my pimples and acne outbreak. I went for my monthly facial late last month but it didnt really help much in solving my problem.

Upon receiving the product, I immediately started using it. And til date I've been using it for more than a week now, and I must say that my face have improved tremendously! My outbreaks are all gone! Now just left with some marks that are recovering well!

I am soooo please and happy that I am pretty sure I will continue using these!!

The Liquid Cleanser is mild and does not have much scent. It does not lather up much foam, but my face do feel clean smooth and fresh after each wash!

The scrub is also quite gentle on the skin. As we cant use the scrub too often, I've used it twice so far and so far no outbreaks from using it unlike some other facial scrub I've previously used.

And the AC Gel works like MAGIC! Literally! As it is a spot treatment Gel, simply apply a small amount on the acne spot. Massage in gently, and leave it on. I applied it in the morning after washing my face, and at night before I sleep. Just 2 days, and even the red swollen painful acnes are all gone! By first day after application it starts to de-swell. By second day it is gone! Just a light mark which is a normal that would go away in a couple of days.

EVEN BETTER NEWS FOR YOU! Unlike some facial products which are branded and good which cost alot, BENZAC facial care range is so AFFORDABLE!!


The Benzac® product range is a full set of acne solutions that consist of three treatment water-based gels in different strengths and five cleansers that comes in scrub, liquid and foam formats. Benzac AC® Gel Benzac AC® Gel is an aid in the treatment of acne and is available in 3 strengths for topical application.


Acne Gel
Benzac AC® Gel 2.5%, Mild Strength, 60g, SGD 16.50
Benzac AC® Gel 5%, Moderate Strength, 60g, SGD 17.50
Benzac AC® Gel 10%, High Strength, 60g, SGD 18.50

Always start treatment with a lower strength (either 2.5% or 5%) gel and be sure to read the information leaflet inside the pack before you begin. Benzac AC® Gel is a spot treatment and should only be applied to affected areas. Wash and dry your hands before applying the gel.

Benzac® Facial Scrub, 60ml, SGD 10.90

Liquid Cleanser
Benzac® Daily Facial Liquid Cleanser, Sensitive to Normal Skin, 120ml, SGD 12.90
Benzac® Daily Facial Liquid Cleanser, Oily to Combination Skin, 120ml, SGD 12.90

Foam Cleanser
Benzac® Daily Facial Foam Cleanser, Sensitive to Normal Skin, 130ml, SGD 14.90
Benzac® Daily Facial Foam Cleanser, Oily to Combination Skin, 130ml, SGD 14.90

Benzac products are available in National Skin Centre, selected Guardian, Unity and Watsons stores

Free sample redemption of Benzac AC Gel 5% 5g can be found on Sample Store here:

For further information on the Benzac® range, please visit


Anonymous said...

Acne is a BIG Problem that crosses the borders of age, gender, race and social status. Benzac AC is a topical water-based gel wiyh its active ingredient benzoyl peroxide perfect for the treatment of acne. Benzac AC aparts from its acne-treatment counterparts is that it does not contain alcohol and it is fragrance free. Read more at:

zhel Alejandro said...

hi where did you buy benzac products i went to watsons unity and gardian they only sell the benzac ac...i wanted to buy the cleanser and facial scrub as well...thanks..

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