Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wanna earn some EXTRA MONEY or INCOME during your free time? Its SIMPLE!

After trying and tested and checking out many online sites which claims to allow us to earn extra income just by working from home, I had already totally given up on it and decided its all a fraud and a waste of my time!

UNTIL.......a friend of mine told me that he had REALLY earn some extra grocery money out of it and introduced me to it! He showed me photos of his cheques and cash vouchers that he had received, and I decided to try it for myself! 

Well why not??

Its ABSOLUTELY FREE!! There is no sign up fee and does not require you to buy any programs or seminars.
It DOES NOT take up too much of your time. Just a couple of minutes during your free time, lunch time after before you head to bed.


Just a few clicks and you're done! Simply do some online surveys, give some honest reviews, feedbacks and opinions!! (It DOES NOT require your personal information such as your name nor identification number, except when registering an account for payout purposes)

I've tried a couple of different online survey websites, some takes toooo long to earn enough points to cash up or pay out. Some are simply a waste of time, Some did not pay out at all!

Of course, DONT expect alot. DONT expect to earn hundreds of dollars in just a day.


Some sites send you email invites to complete surveys that they map out to be suitable for you, some requires you to log in to their site to check if there is any surveys for you to do~

These survey companies usually calculate your payout base on their point systems. Each survey you do and complete would earn you a certain amount of points depending on how long the survey will take and it really depends on the type of surveys. Some short survey earns you more points too. You make not be able to earn the full points if you get screened out of the surveys or if you dont complete it, but some may still award you with some minimal points for attempting to do the surveys.

Some surveys are fun, some are boring. But when there is money to earn, who cares about boring!

Some site award you with cash vouchers (there are many type you can choose from), some award you with actual cash via cheque payment, and some rewards you with cash payment to your paypal accounts!


I am registered with 4 survey companies right now, and 2 have proven to be better!

So far, In just 6 months, with just a couple of minutes a week, (I dont do it everyday as I am pretty busy at times, and I seldom turn on my laptop on weekends, just a while in the day or night after work), I've already made 2 x USD50 cheque redemptions & 2 x $20 voucher redemptions (I chose NTUC vouchers for my grocery) from 2 of the site that I would highly recommend you to try!

If i do get rewarded by the other 2 companies, I will definitely share it with you all too! Let me test it out first! :)

Here are my rewards!! Now waiting for my 2nd USD cheque to arrive!! :)

Wanna earn these FREE extra income?? SIMPLY drop me a comment or email me at with your email address, and I will send 2 invitations to your email for you to JOIN ME on the 2 platforms that I highly recommend!!

Be FAST!! Dont waste this precious opportunity and let these precious minutes hesitating go to waste, when you could be clicking away right NOW and earning these extra money for FREE!! =)

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Anonymous said...

What would you say, if I told you I found a way to literally, make $10 in 10 minutes, over and over again?

What if I then told you, it was fun, anyone can do it, and you can do it right from your computer?

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