Sunday, February 22, 2015

Travelogue: Bangkok Thailand - To the Land of Smiles with the People who truly makes me Smile ♡

 Our 4 Days 3 Nights Escapade from 31st Jan 2015 to 3rd Feb 2015 to the Land of Smiles with the People who truly makes me Smile!

Or the Land of Mango Sticky Rice~!~
Seriously, I LOVE Mango Sticky Rice sooooo much I placed it on everyday's planned itinerary! =p Its a MUST HAVE at Bangkok! If not, you've not been to Bangkok at all~

Total Cost Breakdown of Entire Trip:
Singapore Airline Round Trip Ticket (2 pax): $640.60 (Includes travel insurance + fuel charges + tax)
Novotel Bangkok Platinum Pratunam (3 Nghts)(Superior Double Room): $429.60
Total Amount Spend (For myself): $858 (Excluding Air Tix & Hotel)

My Total Damage for this Trip: $1393

Been anticipating for this trip for what feels like forever! Finally our Party of 5, Rain 大姐 (Da Jie), Adrian 大哥 (Da Ge), Chloe 三姐 (San Jie), Hubby and Me met up at Singapore Changi Airport T2 McDonalds on the 31st Jan (Saturday) morning at 7.30am for breakfast before we check in and went on our short trip!

BUT, sooooooo unfortunately, I sprained my ankle in the early hours of the morning while I was flagging for a Taxi to the airport. Was still kinda sleepy and as the sky was still dark I didnt see a slight depression on the ground and stepped right in and fell on my butt! Totally in shock and I just sat in the middle of the road not knowing what to do. My husband had to leave his luggage aside and rush to pick me up from the ground. :( *MAJOR SULKS*

And so I limped my way to BKK! Was quite saddening cause I was hoping to rush around BKK and shop like a crazy women, literally! But I ended up slowing everyone down because of my foot and we ended up not going to watch the Thai Girl as it was said to be dangerous if I'm not able to run (for some reasons)!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Review: Sushi Express at NEX

This review is specifically targeted at the Sushi Express NEX outlet.

First and foremost, poor poor poor service. Staff were not attentive at all. Even when there were customers waiting at the door, it took at least 3 minutes before someone comes over to entertain us. If the place is crowded and full, we can wait, and we will understand. Problem is, the place is NOT pack, and NOT full, and there were obvious empty seat around since we came at about 8.30pm.

Second. Staff that just dont give a damn and very badly trained. Staff were playing non stop with their phones, playing around, dancing and singing to the korean songs playing at the outlet, talking among each other and chit chatting with staff that were off duty and came to eat. Off duty staff were walking around and distracting staff on duty.

Third. Poor knowledge on items sold in the outlet, no knowledge of menu, and inability to differentiate fish from jelly fish and octopus. After waiting for 20mins, staring at the conveyor belt, we didnt see the food item we wanted so we ordered. The aunty staff didnt know what we were talking and we had to repeat ourselves at least 5 times. Later on, a staff handed her a place of slice fish sushi, and she mistook it for ours and gave it to us, which in fact was another customers fish order, and she just kept looking at the plate and say to us, Oh this is your jelly fish and octopus. -.-" Seriously??

Fourth. Just not bothered. We waited for at least 10mins no one was preparing our order but just busy chatting and playing their phones. Up til we voiced out that they realize we had ordered something and we had to tell them our order again cause they simply forgotten. Super super terrible. 

To make it worse, all these experience we encountered were not the first time at this particular outlet.

So far no problems at the other outlets we visited, like Bedok Point, Tampines 1, and Seletar Mall. All the other outlet staff were professional and hardworking and attentive, except at NEX. My husband, myself and my friends are all loyal supporters of Sushi Express and we really like its concept and the food so far has been good for the price we pay so we visit at least twice a month. But our experience at the Sushi Express NEX outlet is just so unpleasant that I felt I had to voice it out in hope that they will improve and not disappoint us further!

Disclaimer: This is purely my personal experience and review which I want to share, in hope that the management of Sushi Express will take some action and improve on their service level. This review is not to defame or damage the reputation of Sushi Express. This blog is just a place that I share my thoughts and for me to remember the places I've been to, and the experience I encounter.
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