Thursday, December 18, 2014

Feminine Care Product Review: UUCare Sanitary Pads

Recently, I tried a new brand of Sanitary Pads and Pantyliner, UUcare Crown Antibacterial and UUcare Cool Technology. I must say, I'm really impressed and pleased with it!

It is really ULTRA SLIM, Cottony SOFT, Breathable, keeps me dry for hours and eliminates odors! It’s so comfortable to wear and so slim that I feel like I am not even wearing any sanitary pads at all, which is really good as I never like the feeling of something bulging below me especially when I’m wearing a tight body hugging skirt or dress. Also sometimes I tend to be really busy at work that I will change only after many hours, which sometimes would cause some discomfort, flooding and even some really bad odor which is really unpleasant even for myself. BUT with UUcare Sanitary Pads, I actually didn’t have this problem at all! NO bad odor, NO discomfort from the flooding as it’s pretty much dried up and does not leave a damp uncomfortable feeling even after many hours! It’s just so AMAZING!

I’ve tried many brands of sanitary pads, and I always have the problem of leakage from the sides or from the back which resulted in staining of my panties, shorts, pants and skirts. And I really dread waking up to a big pool / stain on the bed especially on the first few days of my period when the flow is really heavy. And sometimes because I’m worried it’ll stain the bed, I ended up not sleeping well as I do not dare to move or turn too much at night, which causes  me body aches the next day. But after trying UUcare Sanitary Pads, so far, NO leakage and NO uncomfort in the day or even at night when I sleep! Totally LOVE it!

And being a lady who likes cute and pretty things, it does makes me feel happier with the UUcare Sanitary Pads as there are nice pretty flower prints on the wings and back of the pad!

I will definitely want to continue using this!! Highly recommend to all my female friends, family and my lovely readers!

Look at how SLIM it is! And it’s so soft I seriously don’t mind using it to clean my face if there is a need to!

Look at the pretty flower prints!

Some of the other key features of it, is that it is Antibacterial, Non flourescer, and its patented funnel shape which allows for faster absorption.

Here are some information of the Product

1. Adhesive does not contain fluorescent agent (whitening agent) to prevent chemical composition to invade the body.
2. Cotton repression, pearl surface, antibacterial, suitable for sensitive skin
3. The new U-diversion channel, funnel-shaped new body, vertical absorption, prevents back and side leakage
4. Breathable film, using high-tech breathable fabric, fast blood absorption, fast heat shed, each piece of sanitary pad is breathable and prevent odour and bacteria while allowing the skin to breathe properly
5. Patent right angle 90degree flaps that fits panties perfectly. Avoid rubbing the inside of the thighs

Where to buy?
Watsons, John Little, NTUC, OG and Nishino!

Range from $2.60 to $4.50

Do also follow and like their facebook page for more info!
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