Sunday, August 3, 2014

Picnic + Kiteflying at Marina Barrage! ☆

After procrastinating for the longest time, we finally successfully arranged for a picnic session! Firstly, Thank God for a lovely beautiful weather!! What can be better than a  simple, nice and relaxing Sunday, just chatting, eating, camwhoring, enjoying the breeze, bask under the bright blue cloudy sky, watching many colorful pretty kites in the sky, seeing happy people chatting and having fun, cute little smiley kids running around, some furry doggies, and most importantly the companions with me! Its the kind of thing I feel we should be doing more often! And I've decided to make this a MONTHLY AFFAIR (if possible)!! =p

10 reasons to have a picnic more often:
  1. I get to bring my furkid Muffin out more often
  2. I get to spend quality time with my other half
  3. We get to build the bond even by preparing for our picnic together
  4. We can take this as a good time to meet and have nice quality chats with friends
  5. Its inexpensive. Just prepare some sandwiches, light bites, chips and drinks/water and you're good to go!
  6. I get to utilize my kite, picnic basket, mat, bottles, cake trays and plate more often rather than letting it go to waste and rotting in the storage
  7. I get to breathe fresh air
  8. I dont need to walk too much and can rest my feet, compared to shopping and squeezing in crowds
  9. I wont spend too much money over the weekends out shopping buying unnecessary stuff and bringing more junk back home~
  10. Its healthier and better for my eyes to be out looking at the bright blue sky and green grass rather than staying home and be a couch potato watching tv or using my laptop

Things we prepared for our picnic:
  1. Picnic basket packed with the following:
    1. Chilli tuna & cheese sandwich (Bread, sliced cheese, and a can of chilli tuna. Toasted with a sandwich maker)
    2. Egg mayo sandwich (Bread with Eggs and Mayo. Toasted with a sandwich maker)
    3. Nuggets and Taiwan sausages (with chilli sauce/mayo)
    4. A bottle of sparkling wine
    5. Plastic cups
  2. Potato chips and Packet drinks
  3. Picnic mat
  4. Kite
  5. Tissue paper (must have)
  6. Muffin's water and snacks
  7. Camera (must have) - this time round I brought both my DSLR and poloroid
  8. Selfie stick (must have)
Optionally I would bring the following for my next picnic:
  1. A good book to read
  2. Bee hoon with curry (maybe. haha!)
  3. Some fruits or pastries
Anyway just sharing some ideas which I like~ You could have your own kind of picnic too~ Feel free to leave me a comment if you have some more nice ideas to suggest to me!! =)

Here are more photos to share of my lovely day~
With my other half, my darling Muffin and my bff, Vivian~ =)





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