Tuesday, August 19, 2014

1st Live Football Match Experience - Singapore Selections VS Juventus FC

After accompanying my fiancé to watch live football matches on TV, this time round, he got us tickets to go watch a ACTUAL LIVE football match at the new Singapore National Stadium, Sports Hub! Its the very first football match at this new stadium and many people were looking forward to it!

And so, the first match held was, Singapore Selection VS Juventus FC

Since its my first obviously I was very excited and kept snapping photos!! And my fiance was so amused by the silly me he kept laughing and posted in his facebook about how amused I was. Haha!

Final Score for the match was Singapore 0-5 Juventus

I was not surprise by the score obviously. But still it was an interesting match (at least for me)


Aside the match, I must say the new Singapore National Stadium is pretty cool and awesome! Definitely wayyyyy nicer than the old stadium~ And the entrance is now all attached with electronic scanners. Also the top shelter can be moved to close on rainy days!! But I guess the food and snack bars are not well equipped for the crowd. They  must have underestimated for this considering this is their first time handling the first match held there. They ran our of beer and hotdog buns at the stall I went, not sure about the other stalls though. The Italians must have been super upset about this!! Beer is like a MUST HAVE for them especially when watching football!~

Anyway I enjoyed myself and I wouldnt mind joining my fiancé to watch another Actual Live match again in future!! =)


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