Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Embarking on a new career~

Yet again, I've made another move! Embarking on yet another new career! Hoping to learn more, gain more experience, make more new friends and of course to earn more!

My career with my previous company had been rather fulfilling. I made some really good friends, bros, and in particular my new found bff and sister, Wendy! =) Although my tenure there is not exactly long, but with just 8months we had forged a really strong friendship! Sharing food, drinks, knowledge, gossips, shopping together, online shopping together, etc etc. I really miss those times now! As we sit next to each other, you can imagine how much we chit chatted and snack together!!


My BFF, Wendy! (*^.^*)

With my pretty colleague, Bianca, whom I am very thankful for enhancing my Excel skills!

 My new found Ah Kor, Wilson~ Always helpful, always cracking up jokes! =)

Some other colleagues~ Benjamin and Mike!

 With sweety Alifah~

 With super cute and funny Christina~

 At work with full gear! Safety Boots and Safety Vest! With Chan, LingLing & Mike!

 With lovely Serene!

 Missing all the fun we have!~

Miss the BBQ, booze and singing sessions~

And last but not least all the nice funny bosses and colleagues~ =)

Aside from friendship, I must say I did learn alot and improved my Excel skills while with my previous employer. But as my role is pretty restricted and there were lots of uncertainty boiling up, I decided to leave when a better opportunity arrive!

Bye to my company pass~

Hoping my current new role would be as fulfilling, or if not, more fulfiling, and I hope this would be the company that I can stay for at least 2 to 3 years or if not more, as I really dread job hopping again. Not that I want to, but circumstances forced me to.

With that said, ALL THE BEST TO ME!!

And Good Luck also to my dearest bff Wendy on her new role, and to all of you who are looking for a new job or just started a new role, ALL THE BEST!!

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