Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy Hours with people that makes me Happy!

Its been a long long while since we last gathered to sing and drink! And when I say, "We", I'm referring to the people who makes me happy, my Besties, Bff and my Bf~ And so we met up last night at a KTV Pub at BoatQuay, De Luxy!!

Had our fave booze, Martel, and many cute cans of Asahi! =) The singing khakis were singing, while the rest of us, chatted and catch up and played games! Looking forward to more meet ups again soon and to have a proper KTV session! Its been ages since our last proper KTV session! I miss singing~

 Attendees: Karen, Darren, SinGen, Eric's friend, Eric, Kerlynn, Vivian, Myself, Boyfy

 Our booze~

 My girls~ =)

With Boyfy at De Luxy

With Boyfy before heading to De Luxy~ =)

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