Thursday, March 27, 2014

Back again after 5 months!!

I’m back! After a hiatus of 5months! Been really busy especially after I started working with a new job. Plus spending the rest of my free time with my boyfriend, I hardly even switch my laptop on. But lately kinda have too much in mind that I’m having insomnia problems again! No place to share or express, and I need a place to keep my thoughts so I don’t need to remember so many things at a time!

Anyway just a quick update of the major events for these 5 months!~

Last Christmas went to have a simple dinner with boyfy and we decided to go to Orchard to join in the crowd and have a feel of the Xmas countdown atmosphere. With party sprays, lightings, and a whole lot of people counting down together!

 My X'mas Pressie from Boyfy! 抱抱 named Bubu!!

 X'mas pressie for us! Couple Speckkie for us from Ownday!

 Bf bought this for me!! Rudolf deco for my car, Lulu! =)

X'mas Countdown at Orchard Road!

New Year Countdown was a little more fun for me, as I went to the Siloso Beach Party again this year! With my Boyfy, my bff Darren and his pretty gf Karen Stella, my bff Renee Vivian, and some other friends like Feline, Jayson, Matthew, Teresa, Denise, and some of their other friends. Without saying, it was a whole lot of FUN!!! This year we didn’t go to the foam section, but rather we spend most time at Azzura in the pool, and the main dance area, with lots of booze, good music, and most importantly awesome companions! J

 My favourite photo of the night! =)

Chinese New Year is pretty much the same every year. Only difference was that my bf went visiting with me this year, and I went with him to his relatives place too. J And we went to our friend Matthew’s place and Charlie’s place for visiting and gathering. And of cuz we went visiting with our precious baby Muffin! J

 CNY Day 1's Selfie!
 CNY Day 1 KTV Session! =)


 CNY Day 2, Out visiting with my bf and precious darling Muffin!

CNY Day 3!

 Gathering at Matthew's place with friends~ (cant seem to find the group photo to upload here), but heres a photo with my dearest BFF, Renee Vivian!

 CNY Gathering with Bf's family and relatives!

 Walking around Chinatown just before CNY commence~

 Reunion dinner with Bf's family and my 1st Lohei for the year!
 Steamboat dinner with Bf, his sister and her friends at home!! =)

1 of the days during CNY!

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