Friday, October 25, 2013

[Super Overdued Post] Short Getaway to Genting!

Was looking through some old photos and realize I forgotten to blog about my short getaway to Genting earlier this year! Didnt want to miss blogging about this as it is something I would like to remember and keep in my memoirs before I totally forget about it! =) I wont be too wordy, rather I'll be posting photos with captions! =)

  Excited us on the coach on the way up to Genting! Our first ever trip outta Singapore together =)

 Us sleeping~ Haha! Yes Im the one im Pink~

 Upon reaching and checking in to our room, my vainpot starts arranging his messy hair!

Our bags~

 Walking around and enjoying the cool air~ Super cold~


Enjoying my favourite, Genting must have "Gui Lin Gao" (Chinese Herbal Jelly) to nourish our skin since the air is pretty dry at Genting~

 As you can see, its realllllllyyyyyyyyy COLD outside~ especially with the wind blowing! *bbbbrrrrrrrrr* freezing~

Our HOT yummy soup for dinner to keep us warm~

 As there are many flights of escalator, we ended up camwhoring nonstop~ =p

Before we end the night~ 1 last camwhore photo while walking back to our rooms~ we look super shag by now with the lack of sleep and long night playing at the Casino~ =p

 Camwhoring in the morning after bathing~ While waiting for my slowpoke~ =p

 With my Baby Dearest before we start off our beautiful day to the strawberry farm!!~

 Sweet and beautiful strawberries!! *yums*

 Picking our basket of strawberries~

 Tasting the strawberry! =p

 My Super Cute Boyfy with the cute strawberries~

 Yummy juicy strawberries anyone? =)

 Happy US!! =) ♥
 Super red!

And the comparison of a HUGE strawberry with a tiny cute one we found~ =)

 With the cute strawberry shaped table and stools~


 A short walk through the Honey Bee Farm~

Touring through the Mushroom farm~

  Enjoying our yummylicious Baskin Robbins Icecream~!~

 My MUST HAVE bowl of Assam Laksa, and his claypot chicken rice. And a cup of Chatime bubbletea~

Photo snapping with my favourite kiddy ride, Carousel, while waiting for our movie to start~ =)


 A thinking man somehow always looks sooooo good! =)


 DIM SUM for our breakkie~ YumsYumsYums~ Dont mind our SUPER DUPER SHAG face. We havent slept yet!! =p

And last but not least, chilling out at Starbucks while waiting for our coach back to Singapore~ =)

 Overall a fruitful (strawberry is a fruit! :p) trip~ =) ♥♥♥

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