Saturday, October 19, 2013

September!! A month of MANY happenings! Both Good and Bad!

This is sooooo backdated. But still I would like to blog about this and keep a memory of it.

SEPTEMBER. A month of many events and happenings. Lets start with the BAD, as I usually like to end my post on a positive note, so I'll end with the GOOD! =)

The BAD.
- I'm out of job AGAIN. (this is a story for another day. irks me to even think about it.)
- I lost my car number plate. Fell out while I was driving on the expressway after a tree branch flew over and hit my car.
- Had to send my car for the usual servicing.
- Car radiator leak and other parts decides to spoil on me and had me stuck on the expressway for 1hr waiting for it to cook down before we drive off to the nearest petrol kiosk to fill it up with water and I had to spend money to get it changed and fixed.
- Road tax and insurance and season parking are all due at the same time.

Conclusion: Income stopped. Expenses increase like nobody's business! Financial Crisis for me!!

- My birthday
- My bf's birthday
- Trip to Batam with boyfy
- Set up a new business venture partnering with boyfy

Will blog about each individual GOOD event soon! =)

Stay tuned!! ♥♡

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