Saturday, October 19, 2013

♥ Baby's birthday trip to Batam!

Coincidentally both me and boyfriend's birthday are in the same month!! So you could say we are both quite broke for the month! Haha! So we decided to make do with a short getaway trip to Batam since he has a 2 off days!

Before the trip, I decided to give him his birthday pressie n advanced as I didnt want to bring them along with me for the trip in case I lose it!!

♥ First surprise pressie for him! =)

♥ Second surprise pressie is the set of darts for him as per earlier post! =)

And so on the 25th Sept we set off to Batam

 Off we go via Batam Fast Ferry!

 We checked-in to our hotel at Crown Vista Batam Hotel which offers an awesome view from our Balcony! The rooms are also pretty spacious, adequately equipped and clean!

 We first set off to have our first meal at A&W !! Its like a MUST HAVE whenever we go out of Singapore! Yummy~ My fave waffles with ice cream, curly fries and rootbeer float!! We then went shopping at Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall!!

After shopping, we decided to head out for Go-karting!! Our first Go-kart Session together! =) Awesome FUN!~ And we must seriously thank the staff for helping us with snapping so many wonderful cool photos of us karting around the track! =)

 After all the fun, we got hungry, and went for Seafood Dinner at the Batam Famous Golden Prawn Seafood Restaurant!! Super yummy, super cheap (well at least compared to SG prices!!)!! And since boyfy doesnt eat the 'GongGong', I finished the whole plate myself!! Yums~ *slurps* My fave~ But when I came back to Singapore alot of stupid things happened, or rather I was so blur I kept saying the wrong things, and Bf blamed it on all the 'GongGong' I had! Saying I ate too much 'GongGong' til I really become 'GongGong'! ahaha~ =p

 Then we continued shopping again at Batam City Square (BCS) Mall and found this really cool machine in the game arcade! Instead of the usual bear or sweet catching machine, they actually have CIGARETTE catching machines in their game arcade! Call me a mountain tortoise but I have never seen this before, NOT in SG for sure!! =P Had our yummy bubbletea ad some fun playing around before we headed back to our hotel.

 Back at the Hotel! We didnt sleep right away of cause! Coming to Batam, how can we miss doing a Massage and Body Scrub!! Super duper comfy and 'shiok' til I fell asleep~ But poor boyfy who couldnt withstand the pain was kinda shrieking throughout the session! Haha~

 After massage, we had a scroll around the hotel and snap some photos before we head back to our room and called for room service and order supper as my piggy boy got hungry again!! =)

Morning woke up and had a sumptuous breakfast! Yums~

 Went back to our room to wash up and packed up and decided to spend our last moments at the balcony to enjoy the beautiful scenery! =)

 And then we started camwhoring in our 3rd set of couple tee!! Abercrombie & Fitch !! ♥

 After we checked-out, we headed to Megamall to do some more last minute shopping before we head to the ferry terminal! bought our 4th set of couple tee from Superdry, and some KuehLapis for our parents before we head off~

Camwhoring again in the Ferry while on the way back! This is what happens when you put 2 camwhoring vainpots together. We just cant stop taking photos! Haha!

Overall an awesome trip!! And of cause I hope boyfy had an awesome time too! =)

Back in Singapore, we met up with Vivian and Zhiwei and went for a game of darts and had Mookata dinner and ended the night!

Love you much baby dearest!! and Happy Happy Birthday! May your year ahead be fabulous~ =) ♥♥♥

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