Saturday, October 19, 2013

Advertorial : SG Happy Darts !! =)

Recently I've picked up a NEW HOBBY!! Life in Singapore has been pretty mundane. Aside from the usual shopping, clubbing, drinking which I enjoy, I couldn't possibly do those everyday! Boyfriend isnt exactly very free to do other sports with me during his off days, and so I wanted to look for a new hobby to pick up together with him which he would enjoy and it wouldn't be too tiring for him.

One day, my ex-colleague Sabbie decides to bring me down with her after work to join her for dinner and a game of DARTS. I didn't think much of it then and agreed to join since I had nothing on. After throwing a few rounds of darts, without saying, I GOT HOOKED!! Its super ADDICTIVE!!

And so since then, almost every week I've been playing. But of cause it wouldn't be fun to always use her darts or the house darts to play as the weight and type of darts are different and I would need time to get accustomed to it. And so I decided to get my own set of personal DARTS! And of cause I bought a set for Boyfy too!! 

Heres Our DARTS! I bought some extra shafts and tips and flights too!! Its fun to change them around and personalize and customize them to your mood, preference, liking and throwing style! =)

Some of the places I would frequent these days for DARTS would include, DARTS SOUL @ Bugis+ , Alps Cafe , Club Winners , Cafe Le Circuit , etc.

DARTS and DARTS accessories sold in some of these places are pretty costly and so here is an online store / blogshop / webstore which is just set up specially for all you DARTERS out there!! It is newly set up and still constantly updating the store to include more items. From BARRELS to SHAFTS to FLIGHTS to TIPS to DART TOOLS and CASES. Do visit SG HAPPY DARTS to support them so they can bring in more items and get them for you at a better price NOW!


Visit their Facebook Page at !! Do remember to click LIKE and SHARE this to your friends whom are looking for a new inexpensive hobby!! =)

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