Saturday, August 3, 2013

[Overdued Post] Mummy's Birthday Dinner 3June2o13

Happy Birthday Mummy Dearest!!

It was a very nice pleasant and happy day for all of us! Its the first ever dinner that my boyfriend joined. Not knowing what to eat since all of us couldnt decide between a few choices, we decided to go with bf's suggestion, Holiday Inn Park View, Window on the park cafe restaurant, for dinner buffet~

It wasnt our first time there, food was alright. But the companion was fantastic, everyone chatted with everyone, and I'm really glad my family could get along with my bf and he was also able to sit in comfortably. =)

  the food~

 My personal prawn peeler~ Hees~ =) He's the sweetest always~

My Family~

 All my LOVE ones~ =)

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