Monday, July 22, 2013

1 of Top 10 Relationship Wreckers : Social Networking Site / Internet

Today I would like to blog about something that I feel is a serious problem among people these days. Internet is inevitably something important is everyone's lives in today's society. Without the internet we would be very outdated and wont be able to keep up with a lot of things.

I too agree that I'm a internet or social network (facebook) addict. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it if you are using it rightly. For example to look for long time friends, or to keep up to date with your friend's well being and life if they were to upload anything. Its also a place for you to update your friends of your life and share your unhappiness or happiness and also to share beautiful photos, quotes and even videos to brighten people's day. Well at least for me that's how I see it.

You may disagree. You may feel like its stalking people. But if you feel so, then all I can say is restrict your profile and don't let people see, or rather you shouldn't even be uploading anything or sharing anything if you feel that your life is intruded because the sole purpose of uploading is to share and let people see it.

Ok back to topic.

I'm not against all social network. Facebook is fine if you are using it appropriately as per mentioned above. But some other site or apps are really purely for knowing more people of the opposite sex and I would say these may be helpful for the singles and lonely. But for people who are attached or married, I feel there are certain things which you should not do or refrain from doing. Its a form of respect for your partners and to give them security. If you love the person enough or am happy in a relationship or marriage, would you still need more guys/girls or rather people of the opposite sex in your life? Face it, what else can you do in there other than adding more people of the other sex and chatting with them? The site or app is boring if you are just clicking around not doing anything else. So what else can you be doing in there?

I personally am an ex social networking addict, and know a couple of my ex boyfriends from there, so I know exactly what these sites are for. If you are lucky, you may find your life time partner there. Otherwise in most cases, you will lose them the way you find them. Most people who chats people up dont only click on 1 person and fall in love at first sight. If they can chat you up, chances are they are chatting and adding many other people as well. Well unless you are really lucky which is rarely the case but I would not totally rule it out.

Here I would like to share a little something I read on another website to add on to my post.

Three: The Internet (NEW ENTRY)
The arguments are not just how much time is spent on the Internet - for work or pleasure - but about starting deep 'friendships' in cyberspace and viewing pornography. Research among 1,500 adults found that 46 per cent believed emails, texting and chat rooms had led to a big rise in infidelity; 30 per cent had used electronic communication to flirt, or to sustain an affair; 22 per cent of them had done it every day and 62 per cent had done it once a week.
In the past, few men had access to porn beyond top-shelf publications and most were too embarrassed to buy them. Today's Internet porn is more extreme: we are bombarded with adverts for it. What's more, the technically competent woman can trace every site her man has visited.
Solve it: These problems need to be nipped in the bud. Long hours on the computer at home are a signal that something is wrong. Don't ignore your instincts. Ask your partner why they need to spend so much time consuming 'virtual' life. They could be unhappy with your relationship together and the time on the computer is really a cry for help.
So what kinds of Internet friendships are acceptable? Forums with a special interest - like Startrek or dog training - are fairly harmless but be wary of friendships made on general chat sites.
Pornography is a tough one because everybody has different standards. Some couples decide to share it together and incorporate some of the ideas they discover into their regular lovemaking. Some women tolerate their men occasionally indulging, but ban spending money on the accessing pornography.
Whatever your viewpoint, it is important to really listen to what your partner has to say. Unless you both truly understand each other's opinions, you will not be able to find a working compromise.
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