Thursday, May 23, 2013

Weight Loss!!

Totally amazing! Just when I finally gained 1kg a few days back, my weight has dropped again when I weigh myself today! If I lose 2 more kgs I'll finally achieve my ideal weight! Wooohooooo~

Over the last few years I've been feeling fat and wanting to lose 7-10kgs  which some of my friends think I'm totally insane as they all think I'm already looking fine. But girls being girls, we are never satisfied with how we look, even if the whole world thinks you're already slim and looking good, somehow we still aint satisfied.

Here's my transformation over the years~ My face was seriously quite round in the past, and my arms and thighs were FAT!! Oh my gosh~ Happy to see the changes, and I'm certainly happy with how I look right now!! =)

Very happy that all my pants and shorts and skirts and some dresses which were tight, have all become loose, or tooo loose for me now~ Time to shop for nice new clothes to fit me now~ =) Happy!! Cuz I can finally wear tight fitting clothes and dresses, and fit nicely into hotpants and skinny jeans~ =))

From Left to Right: My past to my latest photos!

In fact, I do not mind sharing my height and weight with all of you, and the changes over the years~

Age 13 - 164cm, 36kgs
Age 14 - 168cm, 45kgs
Age 15-17 - 169cm, 54kgs
Age 18-20 - 169cm, 58kgs (the peak, the fattest in my entire life to date)
Age 21-23 - 169cm, 54-56kgs (fluctuating within this range for awhile)
Age 24-25(first half) - 169cm, 53-55kgs (fluctuating within this range for awhile)
Age 25(next half)-current - 169cm, 50-52kgs

And my last measured earlier on was at 50kgs. My ideal weight since age 18 has been 48kgs, and I'm really close to achieving it right now!! Yay!! =)

For those who have been asking me how I do it, I honestly dont have any tip to share except to skip meals which is obviously quite bad, and some of you may not be able to do it due to gastric problems~

But when I do eat, my meals are quite irregular, and I seriously have been eating alot of junk food, fast food, chocs. pasta, and lotsa supper! Super unhealthy! So PLEASE DONT do what I do. I'm totally against it, and trying hard to change my eating habits now~ Need to start eating more vege and fruits as my anti-oxidant level is super low! =( But thank goodness my body fats and visceral fat levels are all on the healthy and low side and it shows that my body age is only at 18years old! weeeeeeee~ =)

Still, I would want to preach that eating healthy and exercising is still the best way to lose weight! Eat more fruits and vegetables!! And recently I got to know of some health supplements which have proven to help many people lose weight healthily in the right way with no rebound effect and yet simple! On top of that it helps the body in a good way and makes people look younger! I was so amazed by what I saw, and will likely want to try it out for myself too!! Will share more about that in another post! Meanwhile if you are keen feel free to message me / drop me a comment  / email me if you are interested to find out more!! =)

In anyway, live healthy, eat healthy, be happy! :)

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