Friday, May 3, 2013

Surprise Breakfasts made with Love! =) 爱心早餐!!

Not that I want to show-off or flaunt~ But I feel I need to write a blog post specially to thank him for all the efforts thus far! Appreciate it!!

He's simply the sweetest!! Not once but a couple of times to date~ Hope this aint just some honeymoon period stunt, but will still persist and continue for the rest of my life!! =)


 Simple Sandwich~

French Toast Morning! He came over to wake me up for work, and cooked this while I was bathing! And wa-la~ Ready to eat just before I head out to work!

 Yummylicious Strawberries with Cereal!

Cute Bun with Luncheon Meat and Eggs! With my fave Choc milk to bring to work!

Aside from all the breakfast made with love (爱心早餐), there's also surprise lunches and dinner delivered to me~

 Surprise Fish Soup and Lavender Cheese cake for dessert while I was sick!

Super surprise dinner delivered to my place when I complain about being hungry!

How not to love him!! The sweetest and most thoughtful bf ever~ =)

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