Tuesday, May 14, 2013

하리 (Hari) - 귀요미송 (Gwiyomi) by Yuriko Jasmine

After watching all the craze about the super cute Korean song,  Gwiyomi, contemplated very long about doing it. But after request from bf way before I went to Europe last month, I finally decided to do it~ Hope its not too outdated already! Haha!!

You may laugh, but please dont puke!! Did it purely for the fun of it to brighten people's day! If you dont like it, please DO NOT watch it, and for those who finish watching it, Thanks so much for your support! =)

Here goes~ >.< =)


RaiN Tay said...

lol~~~ super cute lah!!
The "ears" super familiar lah!

Yuriko said...

hahahah~ thanks da jie~ LOL!! Yes! From Korea Everland!! Keke~ =p

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