Friday, May 31, 2013

Dengue claims life of my dear friend, Ang Yong Han.

It really saddens me when me and my boyfriend were alerted that our dear friend was in critical condition due to dengue on Tuesday night. Right after our usual supper, we rushed down to the hospital right away and our heart sank to see him lying unconsciously on the bed with many tubes running through him, and what really scare us was the tube that was draining out the internal bleeding from him. His blood vessels had burst and he was bleeding internally. Doctors and nurses were busy walking in and out of his ward with packets of blood and stuff and trying hard to save him. We stayed for a couple of hours, but alas we had to leave as we were all tired and some had to work. Our only regret was when we found out that he passed on only an hour or less after we left the hospital. If only we had stayed a little longer.... Sigh.....

Everything happened so sudden, and til now, his close friends, relatives, family, my bf and I still cant believe or accept the fact that he is gone. I just couldn't digest the news when I heard about it first thing in the morning when I woke up. Exactly 1 month ago, we just went to JB together to chill out with some booze and had supper, 2 weeks ago we just went kite flying, and just last week, which was one day before he came down with high fever, we just had supper together.


Although he is a friend whom I only got to know for half a year, but it still saddens me much. He is a very helpful, nice, friendly, filial, generous, cheerful and talented young man. At age 20, he just completed his ITE studies, and was suppose to be enlisted tomorrow. He is a talented competitive pool player who had so much potential to be a top player of Singapore, and he suppose to have so much more in life to experience. But yet a deadly little aedes mosquito decides to take his life just like that.

He's the only child and my heart really goes out to his family, especially his Mum. Sending my deepest condolences..

I shall not repeat what the news had already reported. Here is a link to read more about it. 

Its really unfortunate that out of so many people here in Singapore, of which 8000 are infected with the viral infection, my dear friend and bro here who is only 20 years old, had to be the first fatality of the year.

I'm honesty quite disappointed with the hospital. He had visited them 3 times, and only on his third time there did they diagnosed him as having dengue fever and was admitted. If only they had found out earlier on his first visit instead of just passing him off as having just viral fever and gave him only some medication, considering that Dengue fever is so common these days and they obviously should know that it is on the rise, and should be more thorough and careful about every patient who goes to them with a fever. Probably things would not have gotten so bad if he was treated earlier. But I guess somethings in life are predestined.
Indeed, Life is short and unpredictable. One moment we are happily enjoying, next moment we may just leave this world. Rest in peace my dear friend and little bro. May you be ease of all pain and go to a better place. Til we meet again. You will be missed!! 一路好走! Thanks for the nice memories, happy times, and being such a nice friend!

Anyway to ALL my readers, wherever you are, please be reminded that Dengue Fever is really no joke. Don't think of it lightly, as it just took the life of a very young friend of mine. Please be vigilant, and do your part to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Clear all still water at home from potted plants, drainages and even toilet bowls. if you are gonna be away please cover the toilet bowls and don't leave pails or cups of water lying around for too long. Do our part and we may prevent it from harming more people and taking more lives. In short, just kill any mosquitoes you see cause you wont know which is deadly!!! Take care everyone!! May all of you be safe and healthy!!

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