Friday, May 31, 2013

Dengue claims life of my dear friend, Ang Yong Han.

It really saddens me when me and my boyfriend were alerted that our dear friend was in critical condition due to dengue on Tuesday night. Right after our usual supper, we rushed down to the hospital right away and our heart sank to see him lying unconsciously on the bed with many tubes running through him, and what really scare us was the tube that was draining out the internal bleeding from him. His blood vessels had burst and he was bleeding internally. Doctors and nurses were busy walking in and out of his ward with packets of blood and stuff and trying hard to save him. We stayed for a couple of hours, but alas we had to leave as we were all tired and some had to work. Our only regret was when we found out that he passed on only an hour or less after we left the hospital. If only we had stayed a little longer.... Sigh.....

Everything happened so sudden, and til now, his close friends, relatives, family, my bf and I still cant believe or accept the fact that he is gone. I just couldn't digest the news when I heard about it first thing in the morning when I woke up. Exactly 1 month ago, we just went to JB together to chill out with some booze and had supper, 2 weeks ago we just went kite flying, and just last week, which was one day before he came down with high fever, we just had supper together.


Although he is a friend whom I only got to know for half a year, but it still saddens me much. He is a very helpful, nice, friendly, filial, generous, cheerful and talented young man. At age 20, he just completed his ITE studies, and was suppose to be enlisted tomorrow. He is a talented competitive pool player who had so much potential to be a top player of Singapore, and he suppose to have so much more in life to experience. But yet a deadly little aedes mosquito decides to take his life just like that.

He's the only child and my heart really goes out to his family, especially his Mum. Sending my deepest condolences..

I shall not repeat what the news had already reported. Here is a link to read more about it. 

Its really unfortunate that out of so many people here in Singapore, of which 8000 are infected with the viral infection, my dear friend and bro here who is only 20 years old, had to be the first fatality of the year.

I'm honesty quite disappointed with the hospital. He had visited them 3 times, and only on his third time there did they diagnosed him as having dengue fever and was admitted. If only they had found out earlier on his first visit instead of just passing him off as having just viral fever and gave him only some medication, considering that Dengue fever is so common these days and they obviously should know that it is on the rise, and should be more thorough and careful about every patient who goes to them with a fever. Probably things would not have gotten so bad if he was treated earlier. But I guess somethings in life are predestined.
Indeed, Life is short and unpredictable. One moment we are happily enjoying, next moment we may just leave this world. Rest in peace my dear friend and little bro. May you be ease of all pain and go to a better place. Til we meet again. You will be missed!! 一路好走! Thanks for the nice memories, happy times, and being such a nice friend!

Anyway to ALL my readers, wherever you are, please be reminded that Dengue Fever is really no joke. Don't think of it lightly, as it just took the life of a very young friend of mine. Please be vigilant, and do your part to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Clear all still water at home from potted plants, drainages and even toilet bowls. if you are gonna be away please cover the toilet bowls and don't leave pails or cups of water lying around for too long. Do our part and we may prevent it from harming more people and taking more lives. In short, just kill any mosquitoes you see cause you wont know which is deadly!!! Take care everyone!! May all of you be safe and healthy!!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Congrats to our lil bro and sis, Fiona & BQ on their Big Day! =)

Hereby wishing our lil bro and sis, Fiona & BQ, a blissful marriage ahead!! Congrats to the both of you once again!! =)

Anyway attended their big day awhile ago, but didn't have time to blog about it~ It was a simple wedding with many of their friends colleagues and relatives present. Indeed everyone looks awesome on their wedding day, and Fiona certainly looks gorgeous! =)

Always happy to attend such a joyous occasion, and I'm looking forward to my very own Big Day too!! =)

Anyway here are some photos taken on that day, currently still waiting for the main photos from the couple~ Will upload them if I do get hold of it~

And after the wedding, Bf and I went to watch the movie, "The Big Wedding" which was a comedy~ Quite funny but I wouldnt say its super fantastic show that I will recommend to watch. Anyway here is another photo after the movie before we end the day! =)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Weight Loss!!

Totally amazing! Just when I finally gained 1kg a few days back, my weight has dropped again when I weigh myself today! If I lose 2 more kgs I'll finally achieve my ideal weight! Wooohooooo~

Over the last few years I've been feeling fat and wanting to lose 7-10kgs  which some of my friends think I'm totally insane as they all think I'm already looking fine. But girls being girls, we are never satisfied with how we look, even if the whole world thinks you're already slim and looking good, somehow we still aint satisfied.

Here's my transformation over the years~ My face was seriously quite round in the past, and my arms and thighs were FAT!! Oh my gosh~ Happy to see the changes, and I'm certainly happy with how I look right now!! =)

Very happy that all my pants and shorts and skirts and some dresses which were tight, have all become loose, or tooo loose for me now~ Time to shop for nice new clothes to fit me now~ =) Happy!! Cuz I can finally wear tight fitting clothes and dresses, and fit nicely into hotpants and skinny jeans~ =))

From Left to Right: My past to my latest photos!

In fact, I do not mind sharing my height and weight with all of you, and the changes over the years~

Age 13 - 164cm, 36kgs
Age 14 - 168cm, 45kgs
Age 15-17 - 169cm, 54kgs
Age 18-20 - 169cm, 58kgs (the peak, the fattest in my entire life to date)
Age 21-23 - 169cm, 54-56kgs (fluctuating within this range for awhile)
Age 24-25(first half) - 169cm, 53-55kgs (fluctuating within this range for awhile)
Age 25(next half)-current - 169cm, 50-52kgs

And my last measured earlier on was at 50kgs. My ideal weight since age 18 has been 48kgs, and I'm really close to achieving it right now!! Yay!! =)

For those who have been asking me how I do it, I honestly dont have any tip to share except to skip meals which is obviously quite bad, and some of you may not be able to do it due to gastric problems~

But when I do eat, my meals are quite irregular, and I seriously have been eating alot of junk food, fast food, chocs. pasta, and lotsa supper! Super unhealthy! So PLEASE DONT do what I do. I'm totally against it, and trying hard to change my eating habits now~ Need to start eating more vege and fruits as my anti-oxidant level is super low! =( But thank goodness my body fats and visceral fat levels are all on the healthy and low side and it shows that my body age is only at 18years old! weeeeeeee~ =)

Still, I would want to preach that eating healthy and exercising is still the best way to lose weight! Eat more fruits and vegetables!! And recently I got to know of some health supplements which have proven to help many people lose weight healthily in the right way with no rebound effect and yet simple! On top of that it helps the body in a good way and makes people look younger! I was so amazed by what I saw, and will likely want to try it out for myself too!! Will share more about that in another post! Meanwhile if you are keen feel free to message me / drop me a comment  / email me if you are interested to find out more!! =)

In anyway, live healthy, eat healthy, be happy! :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

愛你 (Ai Ni) - 陳芳語 (Kimberley Chen Fang Yu)

我閉上眼睛 貼著你心跳呼吸
而此刻地球 只剩我們而已
你微笑的唇型 總勾著我的心
每一秒初吻 我每一秒都想要吻你

就這樣 愛你愛你愛你 隨時都要一起
我喜歡 愛你外套味道 還有你的懷裡
把我們 衣服鈕扣互扣 那就不用分離
美好愛情 我就愛這樣貼近 因為你

有時沒生氣 故意鬧脾氣
你的緊張在意 讓我覺得安心
從你某個角度 我總看見自己
到底你懂我 或其實我本來就像你

想變成你的氧氣 溜進你身體裡
你有多麼寶貝 我愛你

我們愛情 會一直沒有距離 最美麗..

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

하리 (Hari) - 귀요미송 (Gwiyomi) by Yuriko Jasmine

After watching all the craze about the super cute Korean song,  Gwiyomi, contemplated very long about doing it. But after request from bf way before I went to Europe last month, I finally decided to do it~ Hope its not too outdated already! Haha!!

You may laugh, but please dont puke!! Did it purely for the fun of it to brighten people's day! If you dont like it, please DO NOT watch it, and for those who finish watching it, Thanks so much for your support! =)

Here goes~ >.< =)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Korea Trip 5-12 Sept 2012 ; To the Land of Kimchi!! (Part3)

Continuation from Part 1 and Part 2~

Korea Trip, Day 6, 7 & 8 (Nami Island & Seoul)

Highlights: Nami Island (Shooting site of Winter Sonata), Mapo Market, JUMP Comic Martial Arts Performance Show, Dongdaemun, Namdaemun, Ice Gallery & Ice Sculpting, Myeongdong, Lotte World, DIY Beauty Skincare course & Cosmetic Shop, etc.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Surprise Breakfasts made with Love! =) 爱心早餐!!

Not that I want to show-off or flaunt~ But I feel I need to write a blog post specially to thank him for all the efforts thus far! Appreciate it!!

He's simply the sweetest!! Not once but a couple of times to date~ Hope this aint just some honeymoon period stunt, but will still persist and continue for the rest of my life!! =)


 Simple Sandwich~

French Toast Morning! He came over to wake me up for work, and cooked this while I was bathing! And wa-la~ Ready to eat just before I head out to work!

 Yummylicious Strawberries with Cereal!

Cute Bun with Luncheon Meat and Eggs! With my fave Choc milk to bring to work!

Aside from all the breakfast made with love (爱心早餐), there's also surprise lunches and dinner delivered to me~

 Surprise Fish Soup and Lavender Cheese cake for dessert while I was sick!

Super surprise dinner delivered to my place when I complain about being hungry!

How not to love him!! The sweetest and most thoughtful bf ever~ =)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore 2013

First time attending a car show! Missed the many other events past few years, thus this year I decided I had to go take a look! =)

Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore 2013 is held at Marina Bay Sands! Admission was at $25 per pax! Many many cars but not many pretty race queens~ Only some of the official race queens from Tokyo are really stunning!

Held on 12th April, it happened to be the date I'm suppose to fly to Europe! Was so worried I wouldnt be able to make it! But lady luck was on my side that day! Not only was I able to go since my flight was at night, Baby also happen to have his off day on that day! Yay! And so off we went~ Upon reaching, my Bestie, Darren happen to be there too and he spotted me and called out to me! Got sucha shock when I saw him! Indeed a lucky day! And so off I went to see my favourite cars with both my Bestie and Baby! =)

Darren's gf, Karen, happen to have a special appearance on that day, and 1one of Baby's friend whom is also my secondary sch senior, Mika, is also working there too! So we manage to snap both their photos and get to see them at work! =)

Anyway shall not bore you guys with so much words, below are the photos taken on that day!! =)

 On our way to Marina Square for our lunch before heading to TAS!

 Walking towards MBS, on Helix Bridge!

 We've arrived! Our tickets, chop and Darren preparing his uber camera to snap his pretty gf!

 With my Bestie and Baby, and some of the pretty cars!

 Some of the models. Karen on bottom right, and Baby with Mika on top right!


After all the walking, we got tired and decided to take a bus back to Marina Square instead of walking! Our first bus ride together!! =)
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