Sunday, March 31, 2013

Korea Trip 5-12 Sept 2012 ; To the Land of Kimchi!! (Part2)

Continuation from Part 1~

Korea Trip, Day 4 & 5 (Yongpyong & Mt. Seorak)

Highlights: Everland Themepark, Yongpyong Resort, Mt. Seorak National Park, Hanwah Resort, Hanwah Waterpia 100% Hotspring, Live & Fresh Seafood Dinner (Sea Urchin & Octopus), Kimchi Making Session, Hanbok Wearing, Yummylicious Bibimbap, Korea Bak Kut Teh, Winter Sonata Shooting Sites, etc.


 at Jeju Airport taking a internal flight~

 on the airplane~

 Kimchi making session! something I was looking forward to! :)

 Hanbok wearing followed by lunch!! The hanboks are all so pretty!! Yeppuda!!

 At Everland!!! Fun FunFun!! I love!!

 Dinner and back to hotel at YongPyong~

 Breakfast at the filming site of Winter Sonata!!

 Taking the cable car ride up to the peak of YongPyong!

 Yet another Winter Sonata filming site~

 Mt. Seorak National Park!

 Checked in to Hanwah Resort!! Our best hotel stay during this whole Korea Trip!

 Hotspring time!!

 Eating live octopus for the first time!! Super yummy and fresh! Along with other fresh live sea urchin, fresh crab, sashimis etc.

 With out booze and our fresh raw sashimi!

 More booze and snacks to end the night! And we decided to try slping on the Korean style tatami for the night!! Warm Nice and Cuddly! =)

To be continued in next post else it'll be tooo long a post! 

Watch out for Part 3~

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Korea Trip 5-12 Sept 2012 ; To the Land of Kimchi!! (Part1)

Finally after years of talking about it, and attending Korean language lessons for it, we finally gotten out tickets and waited for the day to come!!
The 3 Js Jiemei goes to the Land of Kimchi!! :))


Our Korea Trip lasted from 5-12 Sept 2012~ (This post is super outdated as I just didnt have the time to sort the 3000+ photos and update them here!!)

As theres way toooo many photos, I'll likely only choose a few and add them in collages~ I'll let my photos do the talking with some captions below~

Korea Trip, Day 1, 2 & 3 (Jeju)

Highlights: Teddy Bear Museum, Trick Art Museum, Glass Museum, o'sulloc Tea Museum, Sunrise Peak, Jeju Oriental Hotel, Yongduam (Dragon Head Peak), Udo Island, Mysterious Road, Ginseng Chicken Dinner, Seafood Steamboat, etc!

We've finally arrived!! Our first meal in Korea!!


At Mysterious Road!

At Yongduam (Dragon Head Peak)

Finally back at hotel after a sumptuous dinner!

Walking around at night to get ourselves some Soju and beer and night snacks! And morning breakfast and off we go out again~ 

Trick Art Museum!! Its really nice and all 3 of us had so much fun in there~ =) Amazing artist!

Teddy Bear Museum!! Finally get to see the most expensive bear on earth, the LV bear!! I've always love bears! So this is one of the highlight for me for this trip! All the bears are soooo cute!! ANd it includes the bears from the famous Korean drama, Princess Hours!!

At the Glass Art Museum! Truly splendid how they do so many pretty stuff with glass!

O'Sulloc Tea Museum! Tried the green tea ice cream and bought some stuff~

Ginseng Chicken Soup for dinner!! And our cute bears given to us by our tour guide! So sweet of him! =)

To be continued in next post else it'll be tooo long a post!

Watch out for Part 2 & Part 3~

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