Tuesday, February 26, 2013

MAS to place cap on motor vehicle loans from Tuesday 26Feb2013

Owning a car is going to be really tough for Singaporeans now! Check out this breaking news!!

Thank God I haven't sold my car like I initially intended to! Else I dont think I can afford another one very soon! Phew! Hopefully for Singaporean, the Taxi Fares are gonna drop, with more Taxi supplied on the roads, and hope the MRT dont break down so often with more frequency in the arrival timings! Else its gonna be really inconvenient to get around in future, and people would be in a way forced to hang out only in their own zones as they would find it a hassle to travel around!

" The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) will place a cap on motor vehicle loans from Tuesday Feb 26.
For a motor vehicle with open market value that does not exceed $20,000, the maximum loan-to-value is 60 per cent of the purchase price, including relevant taxes and the price of the Certificate of Entitlement.
For vehicles with an open market value of more than $20,000, the maximum loan will be capped at 50 per cent.
In addition, the tenure of a motor vehicle loan will be capped at 5 years.
In a statement on Monday, the MAS said: "The financing restrictions are necessary to encourage financial prudence among buyers of motor vehicles. In this prolonged environment of very low interest rates, there is greater risk of buyers over-extending themselves on motor vehicles."
The financing restrictions will not apply to loans for the purchase of commercial vehicles or motorcycles. "

Quoted from http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/mas-place-cap-motor-vehicle-loans-tuesday-feb-26-20130225


A-Lin 溫柔累了 

聽 你的朋友說你的抉擇 
我微笑得像曉得 從哪裡開始的 
你不說心事了 我不說希望了 

愛 嚼到慢慢變淡的時候 
一回憶滲出苦澀 想吶喊為什麼 
你會這麼不懂 我會這麼多感受

我累了 假裝接受人都有秘密的 
我累了 假裝習慣了被忽略的不快樂 
凝望卻沒辯駁 但心裡有些什麼 死了 

我曾經多麼享受 這幸福的不自由 
原來愛虛幻 美在有夢 

我累了 無力再爭執誰給誰負荷 
我累了 無力去證明比你愛得更深刻 
而是一種溫柔 想扮好體諒你的角色

Friday, February 15, 2013

Sweet Sweet Valentine!

Was officially asked to go out on Valentines Day! In fact, not to mentioned being asked on a date on this day, I don't think I ever spend V'day with any guy who is not my boyfriend before. And so this year is something really different for me. Was initially thinking I'll probably be busy working or spending it alone this year since I'm not attached now.

Anyway since I've been asked on a date, it'll be rude of me to not prepare any gifts, and so I decided to bake some cookies. Something really simple and cliché, nothing too elaborated nor expensive since I'm honestly pretty broke right now and couldn't really afford anything, adding on that since he ain't my boyfriend, I honestly wouldn't know what to get for him on this day that would be appropriate

And so I was told to head to Rama Thai Sharksfin Restaurant to meet him for dinner. Food was pretty good especially their specialty famous dish, Braised Whole Sharksfin with Crabmeat. Ambience was not bad as every table were decorated with a nice stalk of red rose and a lighted candle with dim overall lightings. Right after all the main courses, just before the dessert was served, he excused himself to the gents, and shortly came back with a really pretty and huge bouquet of red roses. A total of 99 stalks to be exact! I was indeed pleasantly surprised, stunned, shocked and loss for words! =)


After dinner, we went for a movie, "Parker". Pretty good action flick and I would think most guys would enjoy the show!

Thanks Mr Date for the sweet surprise and sweet valentine. =)
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