Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Siloso Beach Party 2013 New Year Countdown!

First of all, I wanna wish everyone of you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!

Its a new year, a new start! Some just started a new job, some just started their first day at School! Some couples just got together, some just got married, and some people new parents! :)

Whatever it is, I wish everyone the very best in this new year, blessed with good health, more prosperity and over flowing happiness! =)

My 2013 New Year Resolution as follows:
  • Focus and Excel in my new career!
  • Earn the kinda income I've always wanted (not gonna disclose here for now =p)
  • Lose another 3kgs and maintain!
  • Be Happier!
  • Work Hard, Play Hard!

Aside from all these, just want to share some photos taken at the Siloso Beach Party 2013 which I attended with a couple of my very good friends, and also some new friends I just gotta know! =) the countdown party was ultimate FUN! With my girls going crazy in the foam pool, getting ourselves soaked in foam and drenched from the spraying water~ Cheering with lotsa different booze and dancing the awesome night away! Cant believe I've been missing out on this fun for the past few years! Well, at least 1 thing is for sure, I'll be there again at the new beach party with my girls!! =)

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