Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween at Club Mink 2012!!

Gathered at my place last night to dress up and make up, and head down to Club Mink located at Pan Pacific Hotel to attend the Haunted Mansion Halloween event! =) Its my first time there since I haven't been partying for the longest time! Situated just beside Royal Room, there were already many people in line to go in. Some in costumes, while some of them just dressed prettily. Many Caucasians, hot babes and definitely hunks as well! The club was playing mostly Electro and House, and honestly my group of friends with me werent too excited or thrilled as they were more into R&B and other genre of music. The party officially started at 10, but as we were too caught up with dressing up, we eventually reached at 11. But still the club wasnt too packed at that time. We started off with some drinks, and slowly the music become much more happening, and the place started to be crowded as well! Soon all of us were just busy snapping photos, dancing to the music and just having a whole lot of fun! :)

There were many angels and devils, bumblebee, witches, wonder woman, and even bugs bunny, tweety bird and sylvester the cat was there! Many different costumes, different races and different age of people gathering on the dance floor! =))

I so wanna celebrate Halloween again every other year!! Happy Halloween everyone!! :))

Photos below for your viewing! :))

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