Sunday, November 4, 2012

Crazy Night with my 2 lovelies and our 3 towers!

We were suppose to meet up yesterday night to Chillout.  But our supposed 'chillout' night turn out to be a CRAZY night!! 3 girls and 3 towers of beer! you can imagine how high we were! We met up at about 11.30-11.45pm at Orchard Plaza, and made our way to Galaxzy Live Music Entertainment. Drinks after drinks, games after games, awesome music and lovely companion with 2 other crazy girls (Vivian Shufen and Leanne Lijun) including myself, that would be 3 crazy girls, we ended up with 3 towers of beer and got ourselves wasted for the night! I seriously cant rmber what time I left the place, but my guess would be about 4+ or 5am. Haa! I havent got myself wasted for awhile, so this is really hilarious!

Thanks for the awesome night my lovelies!! Lets do this again soon! =)

Anyway such a fun night would go to waste without photos taken in memory of it! So here goes~ =)


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