Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chillout with my buddies ♥ @ Switch by Timbre

As always, our meetings and gatherings are always impromptu and so is lasy night's chillout session at Switch by Timbre. Each of us had our programs to attend to, SinGen was giving tuiton, Qiuhen watching tv at home, Darren had a dinner appt, Annie went for her jog with Stanley, and I was with my mentor, Kevin, having my revision session and dinner at Xin Wang HK Cafe.

At about the same time, we were all done with our stuff and decided to meet up at Switch to chillout after a long tiring stressful day! Had our booze to start off the night, and ordered Pizza for the ones who were hungry~ Its my first time there and I must say I like the place pretty much! The live band is pretty good, the singers has pretty good vocals, and the ambience is nice too! I would say its a good chillout place with your buddies but not the dating sort of place I felt. =)

Food wise, we only tried the pizza, so I couldnt really comment much, plus I only had a little slice of it since I was pretty full. Its average, not the best I've tasted for sure, In fact I thought the one at Timbre was better. =) Booze were all alright, except for the Bulmers Cider which I felt was quite bland and not really fantastic. The Somersby Apple Cider is way much better than that! The live band plays both English and Chinese music which is not very common, since most live bands in Singapore plays English songs. On top of that they'll do some Korean songs as well!

Anyway as always, amidst all the fun, I'll definitely snap photos throughout the night! =)

 Our Booze!! And thats mine Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc!!

 The Pizza~

 With my Bestie, Annie! =)

 My Best Bud and My Bestie!! =)

 With my Best Bud, Darren! =)

 ♥ my buddies! =)

 The Liveband!

 Polaroid ♥ !!

Before ending the night, we realize, they were in couple white!! =)

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