Sunday, October 28, 2012

Adidas King Of The Road 16.8KM Marathon!

Had a good run and exercise, burnt alot of calories, and most importantly feeling a total sense of Achievement! My last Sundown marathon I completed a 10km, and so this time I challenged myself to complete a further distance! Signed up for the 16.8km Adidas King Of The Road Marathon with my 2 other buddies and I'm glad we did this together! =) Looking forward to my next run in December!! Stanchart Half Marathon, 21km!!

Meanwhile will let my photos do the talking! :)

Camwhoring before the run with my race tee in my fave PINK! :) 

The Beautiful view of Gardens By the Bay~ 

Walking towards the starting point~ 

Before the run~ 

Our finisher medals! :)) 

 Sense of satisfaction and achievement for all of us! :))

and last but not least, the weather is soooooo hot, i came back with yet another sunburnt! My skin tone is super uneven right now!! omigosh~ The sun was literally kidding me softly~

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