Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kite Flying with Muffin Dearest at Marina Barrage! ♥

Its been an awfully long time since I last blogged. Apologize about it again as I was super busy with work and stuff.

Anyway I will try to post up as many back dated photos and post today, as some of my friends have actually been persuading me to update soon! Thanks once again to all my lovely faithful readers! =)

(My fave shot for the day. Feel free to click to enlarge to see original photo)

Back to the topic, after much ranting, we finally found time to go kite flying at Marina Barrage! Been ranting for the longest time of 2 years! Anyway, brought Muffin along as it is a place which allows pets and I'm really glad and thankful for that! Really hope there would be more places in Singapore that is pets friendly! =)

As it was raining in the day, we were initially kinda worried that it would be called off again. But thankfully the rain stopped and was left with occasional drizzles, but that didnt stop us from making our way there. But as most may know, it isnt really windy after it rains. And so most of the kites we saw were hardly up in the sky, and many children were running around trying to get their kites up high. Watching the failure of many kite-flyers, I decided I didnt want to try til I can feel the breeze in my face, and caressing my hair~ So there I was walking around aimlessly with Muffin, and allowing him to play and socialize with other dogs who were around, with some kids were followed me around and with some dog lovers who approached and petted Muffin. :)

Aside from that, I know I cant forget nor miss the chance of snapping some beautiful photos of the scenery! =)

Later at night, just before we decide to leave for the day, we felt a sudden breeze that totally changed our mind about leaving. Sat back down again and monitored the situation for a while, and true enough, shortly after we saw some kites flying up high in the sky. The down side was, the sun has set and the sky was dark. Nonetheless, we decided to fly our kites, and indeed they flew up really high within a minute or two! =) Feeling pleased with myself considering it was the first time I flew a kite, we stayed on for awhile before we left the place and head to ECP for our dinner. =)

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